Liberation War Museum observes Amar Ekushey

Cultural Correspondent | Published: 23:44, Feb 25,2020


A visitor looks at alphabets of various languages at Liberation War Museum on Tuesday. – Sourav Lasker

Liberation War Museum organised a recitation show and alphabet exhibition marking Amar Ekushey on Tuesday on its premises.

The recitation event featured a total of eight poems in different languages and one Bangla poem. Each of the foreign languge poem was also followed by Bangla translation.

Chandrajit Singha recited a Manipuri poem titled ‘Nangadi Chitrapatni’, penned by Shanto Sumon, and its Bangla translation ‘Tumito Chitrapat’ was recited by Iqbal Khorshed.

Kuhelik Kathrina Azim recited a poem penned in Mandi language titled ‘Manderangni Chanchiagitta Mujib Bilish’ by Matendra Mankhin while its Bangla translation ‘Adibashi Chetonaye Mujib Barsha’ was recited by Ahsanullah Tomal.

Shubodh M Buskey recited a self-penned poem ‘Poraeni, Marar ar Kukrucut Baha Do in Lagit Ban’ in Santal langauage and its Bangla translation ‘Padmaphul Morogphul Mararphul Amar Janya Noy’ was recited by Mahmuda Akter.

Yanyaung Mru recited a self-penned poem, ‘Yungbang Hong’ in Mru language and its Bangla translation ‘Chimbuk Pahar’ was recited by Faizul Alam Pappu.

 Binoy Hajong recited Sohel Hajong’s poem ‘Hajong Mao Rashimoni’ in Hajong language, its Bangla translation ‘Hajong Mata Rashimoni’ was recited by Masum Azizul Bashar.

Polash Kumar Mahato recited self-penned poem ‘Matribhasha’ in Mahato language and its Bangla translation ‘Matribhasha’ was recited by Faizul Alam Pappu.

Holachandra Tripura recited a self-penned poem ‘Achiamoha Ha’ in Kokborok language and its Bangla translation ‘Janmabhumi’ was recited by GM Morshed.

Shulobh Chakma Denga recited a self-penned poem ‘Bajibar Gid’ in Chakma language and its Bangla translation ‘Bechey Thekar Ananda’ was recited by Syed Shahidul Islam Nazu.

Rafiqul Islam recited Shamsur Rahman’s poem ‘Barnamala Amar Dukhini Barnamala’.

Besides, the alphabet exhibition displayed alphabets of twenty five languages from across the world including Sinhala, Ol Chiki, Arabic, Zapotec, Chakma, Hebrew, Japanese, Garo and others.

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