Ekushey Book Fair 2020

Books by women increase

Tanzil Rahaman | Published: 23:54, Feb 19,2020


Visitors browse books at Amar Ekushey Book Fair in Dhaka on Wednesday. — New Age photo

Books by female writers and poets are increasing at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair comparing the past as more women want to share their experiences, thoughts and observations through literature.

Increase of women’s participation in higher education and their employment made them more conscious that prompted them to share their experiences and thoughts through write-ups, observed senior writers.  

On Wednesday, 116 books were launched at the fair. With these, the total number of new titles released in the fair rose to 2,778.

Writer Selina Hossain said, ‘More young women are now showing interest in writing. It is a positive sign for us. We will get different dimension, strategy and observation through their works. They would make a place for them by practicing more and it will enrich our literature too.’

Poet Rubi Rahman, said, ‘Now women are participating in all spheres of life alongside men. It also gets reflected in in writing. I urge the young writers to study more to become a good writer’. 

‘I think that writing poems is more difficult among all genres. One cannot become a poet without learning more about language, writing correct sentence and rhythm’, said Rubi Rahman.   

Writer Anwara Syed Haq, said, ‘The rise of women’s education and consciousness brings them into literature. I think that women are more interested in music, recitation and art than men. Though literature is a part of art and culture, women are participating in it’.

‘Women can express their feelings through their write-ups. Working women can write better than a housewife because of their experience and interaction with people. Writing is not an easy task for anyone in this completive world’, she said.   

Young writer Afsana Begum has released two books — a novel ‘Kolahal Thamar Porey’ from Prathama Prakashani and a science fiction Sian Athaba Nabil from Abashar Prakashani —at the book fair. She also translated a novel of British writer Mark Haddon. The translation ‘Sarmeya Hatya Rahasya’ will be published by Pro Prakashan.    

Afsana said, ‘Women spent more time at home in the past. Now empowerment of women increases. This is why more women are writing. Most of the books that are critically acclaimed in recent times are written by women.’

Mahmudul Hasan Mamun, stall in-charge at Agami Prakashani, said, ‘We are releasing more than 15 books written by women in this year. We were satisfied with our sales. Many young boys and girls came to the stall and demanded the books written by women.’

He said that a collection of poems ‘Apremer Adbhut Alap’ by Arpita Aparajita  a story ‘Boier Pata Swapna Bole’ by Mauli Azad’ were on high demand at their stall.

Nazmus Saki, a stall attendant at Saralrekha Prakashani, said that they had brought six new books by women writers. Two novels — ‘Abhiman Jangshan’ by Jannatun Noor Disha and ‘Jalrangey Anka’ by Nur Kamrun Nahar were among the most sold books at the stall.

Sushmita Islam, stall in charge at Barshadupur, said, ‘We have been promoting women writers for years. We are offering 10 new titles by women. Among those, story book Mon Sayarer Parey by Waskiya Nuzhat and Chabbish Ghantay Ek Din by Sanjida Ayesha were on high demand at the stall, she said.

A large number of book enthusiasts gathered on the Bangla Academy premises and at Suhrawardy Udyan.

Young writer Mazedul Nayan’s first novel ’House Tutor’ hit the fair at Puthiniloy on the day.

There were parallel events turning the fair into a carnival.

Poets and writers recited poems and singers sang popular songs.

The fair remains open from 3:00pm till 9:00pm on weekdays.

On holidays and weekends, the fair remains open from 11:00am till 9:00pm.

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