DHAKA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL : IEFTA to promote local films globally

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IEFTA director Marco Orsini, second from left, briefs the local filmmakers on its project on Bangladesh.

IEFTA director Marco Orsini, second from left, briefs the local filmmakers on its project on Bangladesh.

Dhaka International Film Festival has created an opportunity for the local filmmakers and producers to take their projects on the international stage.
It hosted a views-exchange meeting between the authorities of Monaco-based International Emerging Talent Films Association and local filmmakers and producers at Aliance Francaise de Dhaka on Sunday, in which the former briefed the latter about an upcoming project involving Bangladeshi films.
The project will promote local productions in international festivals in Europe.
IEFTA director Marco Orsini, local filmmakers Morshedul Islam, Nasiruddin Yousuff, Samia  Zaman, Abu Sayeed, Mostafa Sarwar Farooki, Abu Shahed Emon, Rubayiat Hossain and some producers were present at the event titled Bangladesh Films: Finding Global Audience.
Speaking at the programme, Marco Orsini said IEFTA has plans to select a few local projects as part of the two-year project beginning next year. ‘We will help develop the films and help their screenings in European film festivals,’ he said.
‘IEFTA works in emerging countries to help local talents so that they can be taken to the international audiences. It also links local filmmakers with different international organisations that offer funding support as well as distributing agencies,’ he added.
IEFTA has been working with Ethiopian filmmakers since 2008 through the Ethiopian Film Initiative. ‘Two films were completed as part of that project and those were shown in Toronto and Venice in 2015,’ Marco Orsini said.
On their part, local filmmakers expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming project and said they look forward to getting their films promoted at the global level. ‘Local filmmakers will be really benefited from such a project,’ said Abu Sayeed.
Samia Zaman, in her speech, said, ‘Through films we can tell the world about our stories. The initiatives of IEFTA will help us to take those stories to the global audiences.’

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