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    Korean War: Summit raises hopes for treaty to end frozen conflict

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 11:12am on June 10, 2018

    Tuesday's unprecedented US-North Korea summit could finally pave the way for the longest ceasefire in history to be replaced by a peace treaty -- formally...

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    The US is at war with itself

    Lawrence Davidson | Updated at 12:05am on June 08, 2018

    THE United States is at war with itself. It is actually a function of the nation’s heritage — the past contesting specific aspects of a...

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    UN rights chief slams drug war

    Agence Fance-Presse . Geneva | Updated at 12:05am on June 07, 2018

    The UN rights chief on Wednesday condemned the recent killing of more than 100 alleged drug dealers in Bangladesh, insisting that extra-judicial killings cannot be...

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    1.2bn children threatened by war, poverty, discrimination: report

    Agence France-Presse . London | Updated at 12:04am on June 01, 2018

    More than half of the world’s children are threatened by conflict, poverty or sexual discrimination, Save the Children said in a report published on Wednesday....

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    Iran: sanctions & war

    Conn Hallinan | Updated at 12:05am on May 27, 2018

    THE question is: has the Trump administration already made a decision to go to war with Iran, similar to the determination of the Bush administration...

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    War, peace and John McCain

    by Howard Lisnoff | Updated at 12:05am on May 19, 2018

    A FIRESTORM of controversy swirled around Senator John McCain as he struggled with a form of brain cancer that is almost always fatal. I don’t...

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    Imagining alternatives to more war in Syria

    | Updated at 12:05am on May 18, 2018

    LAST month we read of yet another missile attack on Syria paid for by US, British, and French taxpayers as ‘punishment’ of the Assad regime’s...

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    Dispatches from capitalist war on society

    by Chris Wright | Updated at 12:05am on May 05, 2018

    AS THE capitalist elite continues to pour ever more resources into its crusade to dismantle society, it’s important to keep a tally of the damage...

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    World war is still in the cards

    | Updated at 12:05am on April 21, 2018

    JUST over a quarter-century before the outbreak of the First World War, global capitalism was in the throes of a deep economic crisis....

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    Dragged based on lies for ulterior reasons

    by Saeed Naqvi | Updated at 12:05am on April 16, 2018

    IF WAR begins in Syria, it will be on absolutely trumped up charges about the use of poison gas by Bashar-al-Assad...