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    Our immigrant prisons are an atrocity

    Lizet Ocampo | Updated at 12:00am on July 06, 2019

    OVER the past several weeks, the brutal terror that immigrants face at the hands of our government has come into even sharper focus. As reports...

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    Submit list of vacant doctor posts in jails: HC

    United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka | Updated at 12:07pm on June 24, 2019

    The High Court on Sunday asked the inspector general of prisons to submit...

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    40 inmates strangled to death in Amazon prison gang clashes

    Reuters . Sao Paulo | Updated at 04:11pm on May 28, 2019

    At least 40 prisoners in Brazil were found strangled to death on Monday in four jails in the Amazon jungle city of Manaus, where a...

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    Brazil prison clashes leave 15 dead

    Agence-France-Presse . Brazil | Updated at 02:00pm on May 27, 2019

    Clashes between inmates killed 15 people at a jail in Amazonas state in northern Brazil on Sunday, the regional prison authority said.The clashes broke out...

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    Islamic State militants riot in Tajik prison, 32 killed

    Reuters . Dushanbe | Updated at 01:30pm on May 20, 2019

    Three prison guards and 29 inmates have been killed in a high-security prison in Tajikistan after convicted Islamic State militants started...

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    Prisoner dies in Jashore

    United News of Bangladesh . Jashore | Updated at 08:42pm on April 21, 2019

    A prisoner serving a life sentence died in Jashore Central Jail on Sunday.The deceased was Abdul Majid, 52, who was jailed for life term on...

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    Thousands rally in Brazil to protest at Lula’s first year in prison

    Agence-France-Presse . Brazil | Updated at 12:00am on April 09, 2019

    Several thousand supporters of former Brazilian president LuizInacio Lula da Silva rallied on Sunday outside the prison where he has now been held for a...

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    Kashmir, a prison

    AG Noorani | Updated at 12:00am on January 13, 2019

    IT IS accepted by all that Kashmiris feel a deep sense of alienation and oppression, which they resent intensely....

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    Mass arrests of opposition activists continue

    Muktadir Rashid | Updated at 12:00am on November 10, 2018

    Opposition activists, mainly from the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, continue to be arrested in a huge number across the country, which has crowded the prisons more...

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    Some 400 prisoners escape prison in Tripoli chaos

    Reuters . Tripoli | Updated at 12:00am on September 04, 2018

    Some 400 prisoners escaped from a jail in Libya’s capital on Sunday while fighting between rival armed groups raged nearby, a judiciary official said as...