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    The lies about Assange must stop now

    John Pilger | Updated at 12:00am on November 27, 2019

    NEWSPAPERS and other media in the United States and Britain have recently declared a passion for freedom of speech, especially their right to publish freely....

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    Physicians fear Julian Assange’s death in British prison

    Agence France-Presse . London | Updated at 02:45pm on November 25, 2019

    More than 60 doctors wrote an open letter published on Monday saying they feared Julian Assange’s health was so bad that the WikiLeaks founder could...

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    Call for public’s defence of free speech

    Nozomi Hayase | Updated at 12:00am on November 24, 2019

    ON SATURDAY, the New York Times published a front-page article on the leaked files that exposed the Chinese government’s coordinated crackdown on ethnic minorities. In...

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    Saving Assange is saving ourselves

    Kim Petersen | Updated at 12:00am on November 20, 2019

    THE United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner issued a statement based on special-rapporteur-on-torture Nils Melzer’s fact-finding mission into the incarceration of WikiLeaks...

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    Assange remanded in jail after brief UK court hearing

    Reuters . London | Updated at 06:12pm on October 11, 2019

    WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange was remanded in custody on Friday after a brief hearing in a London court which will decide whether he should be...

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    The prosecution of Assange affects us all

    Nozomi Hayase | Updated at 12:00am on August 18, 2019

    WITH the indictment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the imprisonment of whistleblower Chelsea Manning, we are seeing the US government’s blatant attack on the...

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    Spying on Julian Assange

    Binoy Kampmark | Updated at 12:00am on July 22, 2019

    HISTORY’S scope for the absurd and tragic is infinite. Like Sisyphus engaged in permanent labours pushing a boulder up a slope, the effort of making...

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    History is happening

    Ann Garrison | Updated at 12:00am on July 20, 2019

    NOZOMI Hayase dedicated WikiLeaks, the Global Fourth Estate: History Is Happening to ‘the youth who grew up on the Internet,’ then added, ‘The future of...

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    I didn’t hack anything : Assange

    Reuters . London | Updated at 03:46pm on June 15, 2019

    The full extradition hearing to decide whether Wikileaks founder Julian Assange...

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    Corporate media will regret abandoning Assange

    John O’Day | Updated at 12:00am on June 09, 2019

    AFTER British police arrested Julian Assange on April 11, the first instinct of corporate journalists was to perform a line-drawing exercise. In so doing, corporate...