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    North Korea’s new missile could reach Washington

    Associated Press | Updated at 02:07pm on December 01, 2017

    Two days after North Korea test-launched its most powerful missile to date, a clearer picture is emerging of Pyongyang’s impressive technological achievement - and...

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    The festering nadir of politics

    | Updated at 12:05am on October 07, 2017

    OXFORD UK, the ‘city of dreaming spires’, as described by poet Matthew Arnold and the oldest university city in the English speaking world, is to...

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    Trump’s UN speech

    | Updated at 12:05am on September 26, 2017

    I LISTENED to part of Trump’s UN speech this morning. I was so embarrassed for him and for my country that I had to turn...

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    Plummeting Washington-Moscow relations

    by Saeed Naqvi | Updated at 12:05am on September 05, 2017

    TWO events will influence attitudes at the 9th BRICS summit at Xiamen, China, in September 3–5 — Doklam and Trump’s decision to send more troops...

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    Utopian dreams, dystopian nightmares

    by Richard Falk | Updated at 12:05am on August 12, 2017

    WE ARE living amid contradictions whether we like it or not, driving expectations about the future toward opposite extremes. Increasingly plausible are fears that the...

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    Reaching Paris without stopping in Washington

    by Mel Gurtov | Updated at 12:05am on August 04, 2017

    History may record that the planet’s climate crisis was avoided thanks to the efforts of three countries: China, Germany, and France. Or not...

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    Time to get out of Afghanistan

    by Brian Cloughley | Updated at 12:05am on August 03, 2017

    IN AFGANISTAN on July 24 a Taliban suicide bomber killed forty people in the centre of Kabul, just four days after a US airstrike killed...

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    Indian independence: forged in Washington?

    | Updated at 12:05am on August 02, 2017

    INDIA commemorates the end of British rule 70 years ago on August 15. Now might be an apt moment to consider where India might be...

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    Past week in Washington DC

    by Habib Siddiqui | Updated at 12:05am on August 01, 2017

    WHAT a dramatic week this past one has been in the US capital! After writing about the POTUS last week I had no intention of...

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    White House reveals additional Trump-Putin discussion

    Agence France-Presse . Washington | Updated at 01:07am on July 20, 2017

    Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had an additional, previously undisclosed chat at this month’s G20 summit in Hamburg, the White House acknowledged on Tuesday...