Saudi Arabia

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    Missile from Yemen intercepted near Riyadh airport

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 09:45am on November 05, 2017

    Saudi Arabia on Saturday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile near Riyadh's international airport after it was launched from conflict-torn Yemen, in an escalation of...

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    Saudi princes, ministers, tycoon arrested in sweeping purge

    Agence France-Presse . Riyadh | Updated at 12:05am on November 06, 2017

    Saudi Arabia has arrested dozens of senior figures including princes, ministers and a top business tycoon, with authorities on Sunday pledging ‘fair’ justice after a...

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    Saudi-led air strike kills 21 in Yemen

    Reuters | Updated at 02:33pm on November 01, 2017

    An air strike by a Saudi-led military coalition killed 21 people at a market in Yemen's northern Saadah province on Wednesday, according to a Reuters...

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    Death sentence for one, life term for three others upheld

    Staff Correspondent  | Updated at 12:05am on November 02, 2017

    The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a High Court Division verdict that had confirmed death sentence for one and commuted sentences...

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    Khalaf Murder: Verdict on appeals Wednesday

    United News of Bangladesh | Updated at 12:54pm on October 31, 2017

    The Supreme Court on Tuesday set Wednesday for delivering its verdict on the appeals filed by the government and the accused in the...

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    Saudi Arabia to let women enter sports stadiums in 2018

    Reuter . Dubai | Updated at 12:05am on October 31, 2017

    Saudi Arabia will for the first time allow women to attend sports events, preparing special sections in three selected stadiums from early next year in...

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    Saudi Arabia’s labour market

    by Nassir Djafari | Updated at 12:05am on October 29, 2017

    WHEN oil exports began in the late 1930s, the backwards desert state was suddenly confronted with the modern world of labour....

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    Changes to visa, employment rules in KSA

    United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka | Updated at 12:39am on October 28, 2017

    The government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to issue one-year visas for foreign employees, instead of the existing two year work permit...

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    IMF chief warns of ‘dark future’ over climate change

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 10:35am on October 25, 2017

    The world will be in deep trouble if it fails to tackle climate change and inequality, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde warned on Tuesday...

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    Loosing the chains

    | Updated at 12:05am on October 25, 2017

    Scarcely any other country treats native and foreign workers as unequally as Saudi Arabia...