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    Five more Kashmir leaders released

    New Age Desk | Updated at 12:23am on January 18, 2020

    Three former legislators are among five politicians released by the Jammu and Kashmir administration on Friday as part of an ongoing exercise to free detainees...

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    Erasing indigenous history of Kashmir

    Nyla Ali Khan | Updated at 12:00am on January 03, 2020

    FURTHERING its project of erasing the indigenous history of Jammu and Kashmir, prime minister Modi’s BJP government has dropped Martyr’s Day, July 13, and my...

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    Narrowing options in Jammu and Kashmir

    MK Narayanan | Updated at 12:00am on November 15, 2019

    IT IS a little over 100 days since parliament, on August 5, approved the dilution of Article 370 of the Constitution, and decided to carve...

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    Kashmir to normalise in 4 months, hopes Modi

    Reuters . New Delhi | Updated at 01:27am on October 14, 2019

    Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said it would take four months for Jammu and Kashmir to return to normal after his government stripped...

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    Kashmir: lack of faith in Indian polity

    Nyla Ali Khan | Updated at 12:00am on October 06, 2019

    AMIDST that pandemonium of 1947, Jammu and Kashmir was the first state in the newly freed Indian subcontinent to have its own written constitutional plan....

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    Noteworthy events on UNGA sidelines

    Vladimir Terekhov | Updated at 12:00am on October 05, 2019

    IN CONDITIONS of rapidly transforming world order, the importance of various numerous international platforms does not necessarily depend nowadays on their intended mission, but instead...

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    Childhood lost in a troubled paradise

    R Vaigai, Anna Mathew and Devika S | Updated at 12:00am on September 28, 2019

    EVERY third child in Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir, has a clinically diagnosable mental disorder, said a survey published in the Community Mental Health Journal...

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    Is Ladakh part of Buddhist ring encircling China?

    Saeed Naqvi | Updated at 12:00am on September 08, 2019

    HARDLINE Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka have celebrated the creation of a new Buddhist entity in Ladakh. It is an optical illusion that Jammu and...

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    Islamabad seeks Dhaka’s support over Kashmir

    Diplomatic Correspondent | Updated at 12:27am on September 04, 2019

    Pakistan has sought support of Bangladesh on Tuesday on changes of status of Jammu and Kashmir by the Indian government. Pakistan foreign minister Makhdoom Shah...

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    Kashmir: the worst conflict area in the world

    Binu Mathew | Updated at 12:00am on August 30, 2019

    IT WON’T be an exaggeration to say Kashmir is the worst conflict area in the world. Look anywhere else in the world where there are...