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    Four killed as thousands protest at border, but Gaza-Israel truce holds

    Agence France-Presse . Gaza City | Updated at 12:01pm on March 31, 2019

    Five rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel, prompting Israeli tanks to respond by firing on Hamas military posts early Sunday, hours after...

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    Thousands rally at Gaza-Israel border as truce holds

    Agence France-Presse . Gaza City | Updated at 12:30am on March 31, 2019

    Tens of thousands of Gazans gathered at the Israeli border Saturday to mark a year since protests and clashes erupted there, but fears of mass...

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    Israel-Hamas fighting abates along Gaza border

    Reuters . Gaza | Updated at 12:00am on March 27, 2019

    Cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas abated on Tuesday after a day of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli air strikes, but tensions remained high with...

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    Israel’s moves to the right

    Lawrence Davidson | Updated at 12:00am on March 27, 2019

    AN ARTICLE published in the Israeli news blog +972 on November 19, 2018 posed the question: Why does the right keep winning elections in Israel?...

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    Six hurt in central Israel rocket attack

    Reuters . Jerusalem | Updated at 10:51am on March 25, 2019

    Sirens sounded in central Israel while police and medics said that a house was on fire leaving six people injured on Monday after a suspected...

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    Druze protest Trump’s backing of Israeli sovereignty on Golan

    Reuters . Majdal Shams | Updated at 12:00am on March 25, 2019

    Dozens of Druze Arabs’ some carrying Syrian flags and pictures of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’ gathered on the Golan Heights on Saturday to protest US...

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    Time to recognise Israeli sovereignty over Golan: Trump

    Reuters . Washington | Updated at 12:34pm on March 22, 2019

    The United States president Donald Trump said on Thursday that it was time to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights that Israel seized from...

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    Israel warplanes launch dozens of Gaza strikes

    Agence France-Presse . Gaza City | Updated at 12:00am on March 16, 2019

    Israel said Friday its aircraft had struck dozens of Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip overnight in response to rockets from the Palestinian enclave, including...

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    Israel’s stranglehold on American politics

    Chris Hedges | Updated at 12:00am on March 12, 2019

    THE Israel lobby’s buying off of nearly every senior politician in the United States, facilitated by our system of legalised bribery, is not an anti-Semitic...

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    Middle Eastern equation with many unknowns

    Veniamin Popov | Updated at 12:00am on March 04, 2019

    IN THE middle of February 2019, one of the main Israeli newspapers Haaretz published an article, which reported that, according to official Israeli statistics, 6.7...