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    Brazil bans burning for two months to defuse Amazon crisis

    Agence-France-Presse .  Brazil | Updated at 12:00am on August 30, 2019

    Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree Wednesday to ban burning throughout the country for two months, government sources cited in local media said, as...

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    A global emergency in the Amazon

    Leila Salazar-López and Lindsey Allen | Updated at 12:00am on August 29, 2019

    Global solidarity with Brazil’s indigenous and environmental movements can make the difference at this critical moment, write Leila Salazar-López and Lindsey Allen CALLED ‘the lungs...

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    New fires erupt in Amazon, Brazil rejects G7 aid

    Agence France-Presse | Updated at 03:07pm on August 27, 2019

    Hundreds of new fires have flared up in the Amazon in Brazil, data showed on Monday, even as military aircraft dumped water over hard-hit areas...

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    Brazil’s army fights Amazon fires after new blazes ignite

    Agence France-Presse . Porto Velho, Brazil | Updated at 12:00am on August 26, 2019

    Brazil on Sunday deployed two Hercules C-130 aircraft to douse fires devouring parts of the Amazon rainforest, as hundreds of new blazes were ignited ahead...

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    Bolsonaro authorises army to help fight Amazon fires

    Agence France-Presse. Porto Velho | Updated at 11:56am on August 24, 2019

    President Jair Bolsonaro on Friday authorised the deployment of Brazil’s armed forces to help combat fires raging in the Amazon rainforest, as a growing global...

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    Bolsonaro’s grave plans for Amazon rainforest

    Manuella Libardi | Updated at 12:00am on August 24, 2019

    LEAKED documents show that Jair Bolsonaro’s government intends to use the Brazilian president’s hate speech to isolate minorities living in the Amazon region. The PowerPoint...

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    Macron has colonialist mentality over Amazon fires: Brazil

    Agence France-Presse. Rio De Janeiro | Updated at 12:51pm on August 23, 2019

    Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro blasted his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Thursday as having a ‘colonialist mentality’ for rallying G-7 countries to address wildfires raging...

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    China picks Brazil-born player in landmark move

    Reuters . Hong Kong | Updated at 12:00am on August 19, 2019

    Brazil-born striker Elkeson is in line to become the first player without Chinese heritage to represent China after the country’s football authorities registered him for...

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    Deforestation in Brazil, vote in Argentina endanger EU-Mercosur pact

    Reuters . Brasilia | Updated at 12:00am on August 18, 2019

    Brazil’s backsliding on Amazon conservation under right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro and a likely Peronist return to power in Argentina could delay or even derail ratification...

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    Alisson injury mars Reds’ strong start

    Agence France-Presse . Liverpool | Updated at 12:00am on August 11, 2019

    Liverpool could be without inspirational goalkeeper Alisson Becker for a number of weeks after the Brazilian suffered a calf injury in Friday’s 4-1 thrashing of...