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    UAE seeks rich, educated foreigners with long-term visa scheme

    Reuters . Dubai | Updated at 12:00am on November 26, 2018

    The United Arab Emirates will offer long-term visas to rich property investors, senior scientists and entrepreneurs in an effort to support its economy and real...

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    The economics of Arabellion

    Nasser Rabbat | Updated at 12:00am on October 05, 2018

    NO-ONE can be in any doubt that the revolutions of the Arab Spring have developed to become sectarian in nature, at times extremely so....

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    RAB arrests three JMB people

    Staff Correspondent | Updated at 11:42am on July 31, 2018

    The Rapid Action Battalion on has arrested three members of banned extremist outfit Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh at places in...

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    Trump seeks to revive Arab NATO to confront Iran

    Reuters . Washington | Updated at 12:50am on July 29, 2018

    The Trump administration is quietly pushing ahead with a bid to create a new security and political alliance with six Gulf Arab states, Egypt and...

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    Arab coalition takes control of Hodeidah airport

    Reuters . Aden | Updated at 12:34am on June 21, 2018

    Fears of a humanitarian crisis in Yemen’s main port city Hodeidah grew as battles spilled into residential districts on Wednesday after Arab coalition forces seized...

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    Qatar accuses Saudis of reckless behaviour as Arab row enters 2nd year

    Reuters . Dubai/Doha | Updated at 12:34am on June 06, 2018

    Qatar accused Saudi Arabia of ‘reckless behaviour’ that is tearing apart a pro-Western Gulf bloc in the wake of a report that Riyadh threatened military...

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    Israel: the Arabs’ not so secret friend

    by Salman Rafi Sheikh | Updated at 12:05am on March 18, 2018

    APPARENTLY, it is the persistent ISIS threat that is driving Israel and Egypt closer in the great Sinai desert, leading the former to use its...

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    ‘Arab Spring’ on Saudi Arabia’s doorstep

    by Viktor Mikhin | Updated at 12:05am on March 10, 2018

    The ‘Arab spring’, which began with distant events in the small country of Tunisia, brought very different changes to a range of countries in the...

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    How trade and diplomacy undoing ‘Arab NATO’

    by Salman Rafi Sheikh | Updated at 12:05am on December 08, 2017

    THE Saudi Arab-led Islamic military alliance had its first meeting in Riyadh on November 26, kicking off Saudi Arabia’s larger ‘counter-terrorism’ agenda in the region...

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    Qatar emir again urges dialogue

    Reuters . United Nations | Updated at 12:07am on September 21, 2017

    Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani on Tuesday renewed a call for ‘unconditional dialogue’ to end a crisis pitting Qatar against four Arab states...