Andre Vltchek

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    The quake or the misery?

    Andre Vltchek | Updated at 12:00am on October 12, 2018

    AS I was reading, on board an Air Canada flight from Mexico City to Vancouver, The Globe and Mail coverage of the horrors that have...

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    The west lied, lies and always will

    Andre Vltchek | Updated at 12:00am on September 20, 2018

    I’M SITTING at the splendid building of the Singapore National Library, in a semi-dark room, microfilm inserted into a high-tech machine....

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    Indonesia ‘proudly’ joins US-led exercises to antagonise China

    Andre Vltchek | Updated at 12:05am on September 15, 2018

    INDONESIA, the fourth most populous nation on earth and the country with the largest Muslim population is, and since the 1965 US-orchestrated anti-Communist coup has...

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    Why Venezuela and Syria cannot fall

    Andre Vltchek | Updated at 12:05am on June 11, 2018

    DESPITE tremendous hardship which the Venezuelan people are having to face, despite the sanctions and intimidation from abroad, president Nicolás Maduro has won a second...