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    A world of multiple detonators of global wars

    James Petras | Updated at 12:00am on December 15, 2018

    WE FACE a world of multiple wars some leading to direct global power conflagrations and others that begin as regional conflicts but quickly spread to...

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    A nice little earner – for everyone

    Janet Kursawe | Updated at 12:00am on December 13, 2018

    FOR over 25 years, Afghanistan has been the world’s main cultivation area of opium poppies and the primary supplier of opium, heroin, morphine and other...

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    Attack on Afghan intelligence service team kills four

    Reuters. Kabul | Updated at 12:34pm on December 11, 2018

    An attack targeting members of Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency just outside the capital Kabul on Tuesday killed at least four people and wounded six others,...

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    The Afghanisation of politics

    Cyril Almeida | Updated at 12:00am on December 10, 2018

    CALL it the Afghanisation of politics. You can guess what they don’t want, but you can’t really be certain about what they do want. And...

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    Afghan football chiefs suspended over sex abuse

    Agence France-Presse . Kabul | Updated at 04:23pm on December 09, 2018

    Afghanistan has suspended five officials including the president of the country's football federation over allegations of sexual and physical abuse against the national women's team, officials...

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    Afghan ‘Messi boy’ forced to flee home

    Reuters . Kabul | Updated at 12:00am on December 09, 2018

    The family of an Afghan boy who gained brief Internet fame after being photographed in a shirt improvised from a plastic bag in the colours...

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    From dream to nightmare: Afghan ‘Little Messi’ forced to flee

    Agence France-Presse . Kabul | Updated at 05:47pm on December 06, 2018

    Murtaza Ahmadi moved the world with his love for footballer Lionel Messi in 2016. His dream of meeting the Argentinian came true, but now the...

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    Trump asks Imran for help with Afghan peace talks

    Reuters . Islamabad | Updated at 12:00am on December 04, 2018

    Pakistan said on Monday US president Donald Trump has sought its help with faltering Afghan peace talks in a letter to prime minister Imran Khan,...

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    US airstrike kills key Taliban leader in Afghanistan

    Agence France-Presse . Kabul | Updated at 11:45am on December 03, 2018

    A senior Taliban military commander was killed in a US airstrike in Afghanistan, officials said on Sunday. Abdul Manan, who was the Taliban's 'shadow governor'...

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    23 killed in US air strike in Afghanistan: UN

    Agence France-Presse . Kabul | Updated at 12:00am on December 01, 2018

    At least 23 civilians, including women and children, were killed by a US air strike in southern Afghanistan earlier this week, according to an UN...