Youths share their dreams of future Bangladesh with PM

United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka | Published at 01:06am on November 24, 2018

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday interacted with a diverse group of youths and listened to their dreams, hopes and aspirations about future Bangladesh.
Demonstrating a strong sense of enthusiasm and vigour, around 150 young people selected from across the country, including professionals, job holders, entrepreneurs, students, sports and cultural personalities, and representatives of various youth groups and associations took part in the discussion, ‘Let’s Talk with Sheikh Hasina’, organised by the Centre for Research and Information.
For the first time in Bangladesh’s political history, the prime minister directly talked to the youth and asked the participants to share their ideas and thoughts on the development of their country.
The participants discussed at length the government’s policies and measures to take the country forward, including employment opportunities, quality of education, women empowerment, entrepreneurship and research, fighting the menaces of corruption and violent extremism and ensuring transparency in governance.
Taking up this opportunity, the participants also enquired about the struggles the prime minister shad to endure throughout her life, including the tragic event of August 15, 1975, her days as an opposition leader and her time in prison during the 1/11 era.
Sheikh Hasina recalled her fond memories of her childhood and the lessons of her own youth to encourage the young minds of today.
In a segment titled ‘What you have done if you were the prime minister?’, the young participants articulated their priorities for the country, including equitable development of regions, education for rural youths, welfare of persons with disabilities and so on.
Following the formal discussion, the prime minister entertained the youth at the garden of her residence with refreshments and more informal chitchat.
It was also an opportunity for the youngsters to take photos with her.
‘Let’s Talk’ is a signature initiative of the CRI, where youths get the opportunity to directly interact with the policymakers.
A number of ministers and MPs had previously taken part in various editions of Let’s Talk, culminating in this special event with the prime minister of Bangladesh.