Students’ Federation demands release of Shahidul, activists

DU Correspondent | Updated at 01:45am on September 07, 2018


Cops inhibit Bangladesh Students’ Federation activists from taking a procession, demanding release of Shahidul Alam and others, to home ministry near secretariat in Dhaka on Thursday. — New Age photo

Bangladesh Students’ Federation on Thursday demanded unconditional release of photographer Shahidul Alam, two of its activists and all the detained, who joined protests for safe roads and quota reform.
Leaders and activists of the organisation set off a procession from Aparajeya Bangla of Dhaka University and marched towards the home ministry to press their demands, but police thwarted the procession near secretariat leading a short scuffle between the protesters and the cops.
Addressing a rally there, BSF president Golam Mostofa said the government took no interest to take action against ‘helmet-wearing-goons’ who attacked students and journalists during the school children’s demonstrations for safe roads, but detained Shahidul Alam and some ‘innocent’ students.
He also warned that the government would embrace same fate like other governments of the past, if it did not step aside from its move against democratic movements.
He demanded immediate release of acclaimed photographer Shahidul Alam, Chittagong BSF leaders Maruf Hossain and Ajiur Rahman Ashraf and all the students who were detained during the road safety movement.
BSF general secretary Jahid Sujon said by gagging the voice of the people, the government had revealed its authoritarian implications.
The organisation also vowed to hold protest rallies across the country on September 17 to press their demands.