Govt telecom surveillance unit seeks NTTN licence

Staff Correspondent | Published at 12:05am on September 06, 2018


A file photo shows a signboard of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission installed outside its office in Dhaka. The National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre has requested the BTRC to award it nationwide telecommunication transmission network licence. — New Age photo

The National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre has requested the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to award it nationwide telecommunication transmission network licence.
The telecom surveillance unit of the government made the plea to the telecom regulator as it found that the number of NTTN operators working in the country was not sufficient to support its activities, sources said.
The NTMC provides lawful interception service to law enforcing and detective agencies of the government for preventing misuse of ultramodern information technology by terrorists, and collecting, analysing, identifying and evaluating information related with such activities.
The unit provides the services to ensure stability and security of the country.
The NTMC in its letter to the BTRC has mentioned that the government and the home ministry have allowed the entity to establish Integrated Lawful Interception System to carry out its activities.
International internet gateway operators, internet service providers, Broadband Wireless Access, National Internet Exchange, Internet Protocol Telephony Service Provider, Public Switched Telephone Network and mobile network operators will be connected to the system.
All the telecom operators are connected to the NTMC’s monitoring system through five NTTN operators, said the unit, adding that the entity felt that the number of operators was not adequate to provide services.
To support different government agencies with required information, the NTMC requested the telecom regulator to take measures to award it NTTN licence.
The officials of BTRC, however, said that the commission would make a decision on the issue based on suggestions of the telecom ministry.
Currently, five companies are in NTTN business in the country.
The companies are: Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited, Power Grid Company of Bangladesh, Fiber@Home and Summit Communications.
The government has kept NTTN business limited to five entities in an apprehension that the market might become saturated if more entities are allowed to run the service.
In 2014, the government declined a plea made by Bangla Phone, which was then running NTTN service based on a government’s no-objection certificate till 2015, for NTTN licence.
The BTRC in August this year decided to cancel ISP licence of Bangla Phone on charge of providing NTTN service without licence.