BSA to promote jatra

Cultural Correspondent | Published at 09:20pm on September 03, 2018

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy has taken an initiative to produce 64 jatra productions to promote jatra and popularise the traditional performing art form among the young generation.
As part of the initiative, the academy has formed an eight-member jatra selection committee which has already selected 64 jatras that will be produced by the district branches of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.
‘We chose 64 jatras under three categories- history-based, social message-oriented and lyrical/fantasy- penned by local writers. We hope the jatras, when brought on stage, will promote the traditional performing art form and popularise it among the young generation’, said eminent jatra artiste Milon Kanti Dey, also member of jatra selection committee.
Among the chosen jatras, there are 22 jatras featuring historical figures and events, 26 jatras depicting social messages and 16 fantasy/lyrical jatras.
Jatras like Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah, Tipu Sultan, Bangali, Kohinur, Hatem Tai, Fakir Majnu Shah, Rajdanda, Mamatamoyi Ma, Sujon Beder Ghat, Raja Harishchandra, Banglar Mohanayak, Pritilata, Bagdatta, Bidrohi Buriganga, Kolikaler Meye and others have been selected by the committee.
District cultural officers of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy will supervise the productions of these jatras with help of seasoned jatra artistes of the respective districts. The artistes will direct and act in the jatras, informed Abu Saleh M Abdullah, member secretary of jatra selection committee.
The jatras will be produced and staged in respective districts in October, added Abdullah.
Besides the 64 jatras at 64 districts, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy will facilitate productions of five new jatras by three jatra troupes and theatre department of two universities.
Desh Opera, Lokonatya Goshthi, Joyjatra, theatre and performance studies department of Dhaka University and drama and dramatics department of Jahangirnagar University will produce the new jatras.