Bangladesh withdraws candidature from ITU council polls

HM Murtuza | Published at 12:05am on September 02, 2018

Bangladesh has withdrawn its candidature for council membership of the International Telecommunication Union for the 2019-2022 term keeping in mind that any failure would be an embarrassment to the government ahead of the national elections scheduled to be held at the end of December this year, said sources.
The ITU is a specialised agency of the United Nations that is responsible for issues that concern information and communication technologies.
The union coordinates shared global use of the radio spectrum, promotes international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, works to improve telecommunication infrastructure in the developing world, and assists in the development and coordination of worldwide technical standards.
The decision was made by the government’s top brass following Bangladesh’s defeat to Kazakhstan in the election for the post of the assistant secretary general for science and technology in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation during the OIC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Dhaka in May this year.
Bangladesh, after becoming council member of ITU for the Asia and Australia region also known as region ‘E’ for consecutive two terms in the years 2010 and 2014, became candidate for council membership for another tenure of four years.
The country, however, withdrew its candidature for the post following instruction from government high ups ahead of the general elections, sources said.
The defeat of Bangladesh in the OIC was the main reason for the withdrawal from the ITU election, they said.
If Bangladesh loses another election in the international forum, it could create embarrassing situation for the government ahead of the general elections, they said.
Instead, the government high-ups instructed the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission to make preparations for the next election in ITU in a more organised way, sources said.
To this end, the government in August this year requested the ITU secretariat
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