NBR develops 10 e-tools to facilitate tax collection

Staff Correspondent | Published at 10:45pm on August 27, 2018

The National Board of Revenue has developed 10 automated tools to ease overall tax collection and monitoring.
The electronic tools include return processing tool, audit management system, bank search tool, advance tax remainder, demand and collection tool, customs e-payment, electronic export general manifest submission, LTU VAT mobile apps, e-savings software and Benapass software for cargo import and export car pass data record.
Officials said some field level tax offices had already started using the tools in issuing automatically generated advance tax collection notice, finding the names of banks of taxpayers, creating tax demand and selecting files for audit.
They said NBR formed an innovation team for implementation of the initiatives which would be presented at an innovation showcasing programme to be held at the first half of next month.
Innovation officials of all ministries would be invited at the programme, the said.
A senior NBR officer said field-level tax offices would be able to select income tax files for audit using the automated audit management system which would make the selection process transparent and remove hassle of taxpayers.
Currently, tax files are selected manually for audit and taxpayers used to complain about harassment in the process.
Advance tax remainder tool would alert the taxpayers, having annual income above Tk 4 lakh, to make their advance tax payment on time at four equal installments in a year.
Benapass software would record car pass data of export and import goods in Benapole Customs House, he said.
E-saving software would preserve database of investors in the national savings tools to prevent misuse of investment benefits, he added.