TV channels to air special programmes

Cultural Correspondent | Published at 08:48pm on August 26, 2018


NTV will air Khanjanpur at 11:10pm tonight.

Different television channels will telecast diverse programmes today marking the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s 42nd death anniversary.
The channels will pay tribute to Nazrul by airing special teleplays and telefilms based on Nazrul’s stories, documentaries on the poet’s life and works and music and recitation shows featuring songs and poems penned by the poet.
Some channels, however, will not air any programmes marking the day as they are airing Eid special programmes.
Private television channel Channel-i will air a number of programmes including music and talk shows marking the day.
The channel will air a special live music show titled ‘Gaaney Gaaney Sokal Shuru’ at 7:30am featuring performances by eminent Nazrul singers Dr Nashid Kamal, Khairul Anam Shakil and Shahid Kabir Palash.
Another special music show Dur Gagane Priya will be aired by the channel at 11:30pm where Fardous Ara will present popular Nazrul songs.
The channel will also air a special episode of popular talk show Tritiya Matra at 9:30am. The programme will feature discussion on Nazrul’s life and works.
A celebrity talk show Taroka Kathan will also be aired by the channel at 12:30pm.
Private television channel NTV will air a special teleplay titled ‘Khanjanpur’ at 11:10pm tonight. The play, directed by Sajjad Sumon, is based on a story written by Kazi Nazrul Islam and revolves around a young doctor and his affairs. Manoj Kumar, Shabnam Faria and Naznin Chumki have played lead roles in the teleplay.
ETV will air a special music show paying tribute to the poet who enriched Bangla music with his timeless songs and compositions. Renowned singer Swani Zubayer will present Nazrul’s songs and ghazals at the programme.