I enjoy performing in Eid teleplays

Cultural Correspondent | Updated at 08:49pm on August 24, 2018


Mosharraf Karim acts in Mahiner Rupban Biye.

Popular actor Mosharraf Karim, who has been dominating the small screens for the last few years, said he enjoys performing in special teleplays and drama series aired on TV channels during the Eid festivals.
The actor will be seen in various Eid special drama series to be aired on television channels tonight.
‘I have played diverse characters in the Eid teleplays and series, most of which are pure comedies. Around 30 teleplays and short series starring me are being aired on different television channels’, said Mosharraf Karim in an interview with New Age.
RTV will air Mosharraf Karim starrer Mahiner Rupban Biye at 09:35pm, while ETV will air Chander Chanda at 09:20pm and Dada Guide Lagbe at 11:20pm, Banglavision will telecast Fantastic Fatman at 06:30pm, NTV will air Abul-er Brainwash at 06:50pm and Baishakhi TV will air Kid Solaiman-2 at 09:15pm today.
Mahiner Rupban Biye and Fantastic Fatman are sequels to Mahiner Nil Toyale and Fatman, which were aired in the previous Eid.
RTV has been airing seven teleplays starring Mosharraf Karim under the segment Mosharraf Karim Utsab at 07:05 pm every day. Today RTV will air teleplay Black Light. Other teleplays under the segment are Takdir, Career, Thikana, Astha, Bujurga and Grihashikkhak Dichchi Nichchi.
The actor has also acted in Eid teleplays like Ghaura Majid Ekhan Babosayi, Jamaj 10, Chalte Chalte Hotath, Danab, Mysterious Johny, Uganda Masud, Ek Paye Juto Onno Pa Khali, Cinematic, Bougiri, Haste Mana, Ekti Adarsha Bidyalay and others.
‘I always enjoy acting in Eid teleplays and series as these are big budget productions. Besides, the directors spend a lot of time making those’, said Mosharraf Karim.
Mosharraf Karim commenced his acting career on stage in the late 1980s as a member of theatre troupe Natyakendro. He made his small screen debut in 1999 with the teleplay Atithi, which was directed by Ferdous Hasan and aired on Channel-i. He received much acclaim for his acting in the telefilm Carrom in 2004. Till
date he has acted in numerous teleplays including 420, Chander Nijer Kono Alo Nei, Sikandar Box Ekhon Birat Model, Tini Ekjon Souvaggoban and others.
The actor has also earned acclaim for his acting in films like Joyjatra, Rupkothar Galpo, Daruchini Dwip, Television, Jalaler Galpo, Oggatonama, Halda and others.