Workers of many RMG units get no festival allowances, wages

Staff Correspondent | Updated at 12:32am on August 21, 2018


RMG workers. -- New Age file photo

Workers of many of the garment factories across the country recived no festival allownces and wages till Monday evening, according to Industrial Police sources.
The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, however, claimed that almost all the member factories cleared festival allowances and 100 per cent of the units paid wages for the month of July to the workers ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.
Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest religious festivals of Muslims, will be celebrated across the country tommorrow.
‘Unrest took place in some of the factories as outsiders and labour leaders had instigated workers raising unlawful demands including advanced wages for the month of August and additional amount of festival allowances,’ BGMEA first vice-president Moinuddin Ahmed said at a press briefing at the headquarters of the trade body in the capital on Monday.
‘As per the report of several government agencies and Crisis Management Cell of the BGMEA, we have monitored more than 700 factories across the country so that no untoward situation takes place in the sector centring workers’ wages and festival allowances,’ he said.
Moinuddin said that during the monitoring, the wages and festival allowances of the workers at 21 factories had been cleared with the intervention of the BGMEA.
Not a single factory was left where payment of wages and allowance issues were not resolved, he said.
BGMEA leaders claimed that although it was not mandatory for the RMG factories, most of the factory owners had paid partial wages for the month of August to their workers.
They said that RMG factory owners allowed workers to take leave for Eid in phases to avoid traffic congestions on the highways.
BGMEA vice-presidents SM Mannan Kochi and Mohammed Nasir and director Md Munir Hossain were present in the briefing, among others.
According to the statistics of Industrial Police, there are some 1,299 RMG factories in the Gazipur zone.
Of the 1,299 RMG factories, 28 factories failed to pay their workers wages and 68 others did not give festival allownces till 7:00pm on Monday.
In the Chittagong zone, there are 647 RMG factories and 2 per cent of them failed to pay festival allownces to their workers.
Industrial Police sources said workers of 11 RMG factories in Chittagong were waiting for the wages for the month of July till 6:30pm on Monday.
A total of 2,380 industrial units (RMG and non-RMG) are located in the Narayanganj zone and till Monday evening 19 of them did not pay their workers wages and 228 units did not pay festival allownces.
Some 1,140 factories(RMG and non-RMG) are located in the Ashulia induatrial zone. Of the factories, five units were disbursing to their workers wages and seven factories were distributing festival allowances till Monday evening. The rest of the factories in the zone had already paid wages and allowances.