TV channels to air programmes on Tagore today

Cultural Correspondent | Published at 10:08pm on August 05, 2018


A scene from Dakghor, which will be aired on Duronto TV.

Different television channels will air special programmes marking Tagore’s 77th death anniversary today.
Among the programmes are teleplays based on Tagore’s stories, music and dance shows, films and talk shows.
NTV will air a number of programmes including teleplays, dance show and others.
The TV channel will telecast Joy Jayanti in which Chadni, Nisha, Sohel, Tithi and others will perform with Tagore songs at 06:15am this morning.
It will also air two teleplays based on Tagore’s stories. At 01:05pm, Charu Ebang Ananya, based on Tagore’s story Nashtaneer, will be aired. Azizul Hakim, Mim and Anisur Rahman will play different characters in it.
Featuring Azad Abul Kalam, Tarin and Manosh Bandyopadhyay in lead roles, Laboratory, based on Tagore’s story, will be aired at 09:05pm on NTV.
NTV will telecast a documentary Chalachitre Rabindranath at 11:30pm tonight.
Channel-i will telecast special programmes marking the day. It will telecast a special music show at 07:30am today. 

Channel-i will telecast teleplay Charulata at 03:05pm today, (top), NTV will air teleplay Laboratory at 09:05pm tonight, (left), and Banglavision will air a special teleplay Nishithey at 09:05pm tonight.

Seasoned film actor Ilias Kanchan, Kumkum Hasan and Sajal perform in lead roles in Charulata, based on Tagore’s story Nashtaneer. It will be aired at 03:05pm today.
At 07:50pm tonight, Channel-i will air teleplay Tomar Anya Juger Sakha based on a Tagore’s poem. Rizwana Chowdhury Bannya will present Rabindra Sangeet in her solo show at 10:00pm, while another special music show marking Tagore’s death anniv will be aired at 11:30pm tonight on Channel-i.
Banglavision will air Nishithey based on Tagore’s short story with the same name at 09:05pm tonight. The teleplay stars Aupi Karim and Rawnak Hasan in the lead roles while Maasranga TV will air three special teleplays and two music shows marking the day.
The teleplays are Jibita O Mrita, Samapti and Atapar Manjulika. The teleplays will be aired respectively at 01:30pm, 03:30pm and 07:40pm tonight.
Samapti features Sajal and Sabuila Nur in the lead roles while Ramij Raju, Ainun Putul and others perform in Atapar Manjulika.
Besides, two music shows Ganer Pechhone Rabindranath and Rabi Thakurer Gaan will be aired respectively at 06:30pm and 11:00pm tonight on Maasranga TV.
Duronto TV will telecast a short film, a telefilm and cultural programmes marking the day.
The channel will air Sumona Siddique’s short length children’s film ‘Madho’, inspired from Tagore’s poem Madho at 03:00 pm and repeat it at 10:00 pm tonight. Azad Abul Kalam, Nazneed Hasan Chumki, SM Mohsin, Alok Basu, Raiyan performs in the film.
Following Madho, Lucy Tripty Gomez’s telefilm Dakghor, based on Tagore’s classic with the same title will be aired. It features Mehedi Amin Ashraf Srabon, Jahangir Alam and others in lead roles.
Dance show Momo Chitte Nite Nittey, choreographed by Amit Chowdhury, featuring dance recitals by Shadhiona artistes with Tagore songs will be aired at 9:30 pm tonight on Duronto TV.
ATN Bangla will air a music show featuring songs on monsoon at 04:00pm, while RTV will air Tagore songs presented by the Indian singer Shuvomita at 08:00pm tonight.