Journalists barred to enter Rajshahi polling centres

Staff Correspondent | Published at 11:00am on July 30, 2018

At a number of polling centres in Rajshahi, police barred journalists to enter there citing instructions from the presiding officers.

At Upashahar Model Government Primary School centre, police barred New Age team to enter the polling centre claiming that it would require permission of the presiding officer.  A policeman went to seek permission from the presiding officer and he did not return in half an hour.

At Shishu Niketan Madhyamik Balika Bidyalay, presiding officer SM Nazmul Kamal said journalists are not allowed to enter polling booths. At that time, assistant returning officer Shahidul Islam was present at the centre. When asked, he said there is no instruction to bar journalists at polling centres. ‘But none other than the voter is allowed in the secluded place where voters put stamp on ballots,’ he said.

At two centres in Kajala government primary school, police barred journalists to enter the centres.