Duet show depicts exploitation, urban life

Staff Correspondent | Published at 06:16pm on July 26, 2018


Visitors look at installations at Britto Arts Space on Green Road. –Snigdha Zaman

Artists Aminul Islam Ashik and Shimul Datta have addressed themes like power, exploitation and environmental issues in their duet show underway at Britto Arts Space on Green Road.

Alumni of sculpture department of Dhaka Univeristy, Ashik and Datta have displayed 12 installations done in different mediums at the show titled ‘State of Affairs’ that opened on July 14.

Ashik has depicted themes like power and exploitation in his seven installations, while Datta has addressed urban environmental issues in his five installations.

Ashik has used Chair, as a symbol of power, in his five installations of the Power series.

In Power 12, Ashik has created one large chair using many miniature brass chairs, while in Power 13 he has made a similar chair but has positioned it upside down hanging from the ceiling.

‘Power is an unstable and dangerous thing. Everyone craves power. However, once they get a taste of power they change and become obsessed with it,’ said Ashik, who has portrayed political figures like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un.

Ashik has split the faces of the three leaders in half and put tiny chairs in the middle.

Artist Shimul Datta, in his installations, has shown how the cities we live in have turned into unlivable places.

‘Living in a city has become difficult. We are filling up water bodies, closing off playgrounds and destroying the ecosystem’, said Shimul Datta.

His works Urban Cacophony 1 and 2 depict unbearable sound pollution in the cities. Datta has depicted sound pollution using three different hydraulic horns in Urban Cacophony 1.

In the three installations of the Fierce Situation series, Datta has depicted how living in urban areas could have impact on people. The artist has shown human figures with exhaust fans inside them.

The show will end on July 28.