by Rummana Ferdous Fagun | Updated at 09:58pm on July 26, 2018


DESPITE having a steady supply of raw leather the Bangladeshi leather industry is not flourishing amply and Taslima Miji took the initiative to do just that. She created her own brand of bags made from leather or other materials produced here in Bangladesh and started the Facebook page, Gootipa in 2016.
At the beginning she used to outsource the work to factories which already made leather goods. She provided the designs and they would make the product for her. With a small collection of bags she started her journey and this helped her make assessments about the current demand. ‘The public response has been overwhelming,’ shares Taslima Miji. ‘People opt for imported bags because of their quality, but they are eager to buy products made in the country if they are durable,’ she added.
With the passage of time and due to increasing demand the business bloomed from the confines of her own home to a full fledged factory with an office. However, there isn’t any outlet yet and there are no plans of opening one right now as that would require much more investment as well as manpower. Taslima Miji wants to use online marketing to her advantage and build a brand strong enough so that people can use her bags without any apprehension. There is already a customer base, ‘People who buy from us again and again, recommend Gootipa to their friends and family. Also, the praise we get for our products are what make it worthwhile,’ says Taslima.
Gootipa’s products are praiseworthy because not only are the designs unique they are very economical. The goal is to create products that will be useful for people along with being long lasting. With that aim Gootipa is always working on new and unique designs to bring to their customers. Currently there is a plan of launching a new line of bags made from fabric. Another remarkable thing about the bags is that they are eco-friendly.
Along with being eco-friendly the business is helping the economy by using local products, especially raw materials like leather, pu leather, canvas, jute, fabric, synthetic fabric, etc. They are used for creating styles that make the bags stand out. The designs are minimalistic yet elegant. Colours like orange, blue, red are used to give it a pop of vibrancy whereas neutral colours like black and khaki are used to make the bags go well with everyday outfits.
The prices vary according to size, design and raw materials used and each product has a unique name. Some of the products and their prices are - Mumu which is Tk 1,200, Juty ramos small bag is Tk 2,200, Olivia cross body is Tk 1,200, Sophie’s clutch is Tk 800, Jim backpack is Tk 700, Canvas tote is Tk 600. They also have wallets, pencil boxes, laptop sleeves, clutches and more.
To know more about the bags and for future updates visit the Facebook page