Up, close and personal

Updated at 09:58pm on July 26, 2018


SARAH ALAM, the popular radio jockey at Radio Foorti as well a well-known anchor, debuted on the silver screen with the film ‘Bengali Beauty’. We had the opportunity to sit with the dazzling diva and ask questions about her experience and got to know the upcoming superstar personally.
‘Bengali Beauty’ premiered on July 19 and took the crowd by storm. Already established in the United States box office as the highest grossing Bengali film, the film tells the story of a demure medical student (Mumtaheena Toya) who falls in love with a brash Bangladesh Radio deejay (Rahsaan Noor) while listening to his World Music show during the revolutionary ‘70s. Directed and written by Rahsaan Noor, the movie also features Sarah Alam and Ashfique Rizwan in a leading roles as well as featuring music by Rusho Mahtab.
Sarah Alam became part of the team when she interviewed Rahsan Noor on her radio show the previous year regarding his experiences in Bangladesh. He’s a fun person and has vast knowledge on movies, much like Sarah. They hit it off and soon became good friends. One day he shared his freshly written script with her and Sarah immediately fell in love with her character Mita Rahman. Rahsaan Noor then approached her to audition for it and thinking that was a friendly gesture at best, Sarah did not take it seriously at first. ‘But when I actually went for the audition and after a week received the confirmation, then it hit me!’ she exclaims.
Sarah said working for the movie was a dream come true for her, considering this is her big screen debut. ‘As big as it sounds, I had to work equally hard for the movie. It’s quite difficult for me to put the experience in words but if I may try, my experience on set was truly amazing. It’s more fun than it shows on the big screen,’ she added. Despite the struggle of becoming a whole new person on set and carry that personality all day as the script required, she was excited throughout it all and immersed herself brilliantly in her role. She thanks her team who made it much easier and fun for her.
In ‘Bengali Beauty’, Sarah portrays Mita Rahman, a real life personality on screen. She was a Radio DJ in a radio station. As the movie is a periodic one, it was already difficult for her to get into character and become someone from the ‘70s, let alone impersonating a real life persona. She went through rigorous training to pick up on real life Mita’s body language to accent. She succeeded when she realized the real Mita was not very different than the real Sarah.
Sarah shared some momentary awkwardness while shooting at Bangladesh Betar, as people would expect the crew to shoot some songs there. ‘Someone from the crowd would definitely ask when we’re going to shoot a song and dance on it every single day. I would find it very funny as I had no involvement with any song taking place in the movie,’ she said.
She did not appear on the silver screen out of the blue. Sarah is a respected personality in electronic media as she is a Radio Jockey at Radio Foorti and also look after programs as a Senior Executive. Apart from this, she had done few TVCs, one of them being Oporajita for Teletalk which became a crowd favourite. She had been doing shows on Radio Foorti for three years. Currently hosting ‘La La La, Bondhutter Budhbar, Billboard Topchart and The Saturday Night Show’, she finds hosting radio shows always a fun experience. ‘Here I can receive instant reaction from the audience which is amazing,’ she said.
Apart from work, Sarah have been studying in Environmental Science in the hope of saving this planet. ‘I wish to save all endangered animals someday,’ she said. When asked about her childhood dream, she shares a very unique and baffling one. As a little kid, she wanted to become a rickshaw-puller. However, that did not materialize. Growing up, made her dreams take a lot of new and frequent turns. Currently, she just wants to enjoy and live life to its fullest. She wants new challenges, new experiences, try new things and do what her heart wants. She believes life is too short to set a goal for a certain time and sacrifice everything to achieve that.
Her unquenchable thirst for experiencing something new allows her to thrive and explore. She is serious about her career in media but that does not really drive her to do a lot of work in the industry. She prefers quality over quantity in both professional and personal life. Movies have been a huge part of her life as an audience. She wants to appear in more movies, play more challenging characters and learn a lot. ‘If I’m lucky enough, I’d like to play a character like Dipaboli from Shaatkahon or Louis Bloom from Nightcrawler or Eddie Morra from Limitless or The Bride from Kill Bill someday,’ she said.
Watching herself on the screen for the first time took a lot of time for her to comprehend the severity of her achievement. It didn’t feel real and she need some time to let it sink in.
During her free time, Sarah watches a lot of movies and TV Series. She loves to play with her dog most of the time of the day when she does not have work. She also has a penchant for writing and painting. She needs to travel at least once every two months to quench her soul. She used to read a lot and is currently trying to get back into that good habit and like other millennials, she uses youtube a lot.
Jubilant young beautiful actresses like Sarah Alam surely mean that the industry is in the right pathway towards regular quality content. With rapturous candid personality of such a youngster as well as the brilliant work ethic she manifests, Sarah Alam surely is a name to watch out for in the industry.