Justice rarely swift, but it can be done: Netherlands

United News of Bangladesh . Dhaka | Published at 12:36am on July 19, 2018

The Netherlands has said they remain firmly committed to fighting impunity and will remain a loyal ally to the International Criminal Court.
‘Justice is rarely swift, but it can be done. Let’s all persist in our support of the ICC,’ said minister of foreign affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Stef Blok in a statement during the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute in The Hague on Tuesday.
The Netherlands called upon states to ratify the Rome Statute and also called upon those who have already done so to continue their support, according to the Dutch embassy in Dhaka.
‘Therefore, on this historic day, we should look to the future. If we want the ICC to fulfil its primary mandate - ending impunity for the most serious crimes - we must join forces to make this happen,’ he said.
This means, minister Blok said, coming together to provide the necessary political, financial and logistical support. ‘Only then the ICC can bring justice to the victims of the most serious crimes.’
He said 20 years ago in Rome, world leaders took a bold step by establishing the ICC and a lot has been achieved in two decades, but all victims of international atrocities deserve justice.
‘Now, 20 years on, a lot has been achieved. International justice and accountability have become watchwords throughout the world. We must continue to build on what we have on this long road to justice,’ he said.
Twenty years later, the Dutch minister said, not all ambitions expressed in the statute have been achieved.
‘But this is no reason to lose confidence. Nor it is a time for complacency. Twenty years is a short span of time when you consider the scope of the ambitions. Justice takes time and prolonged efforts,’ he said.