Yunus talks about three challenges facing the world

United News of Bangladesh . Bengaluru (India) | Updated at 01:00am on June 30, 2018


Muhammad Yunus . — UNB photo

Artificial intelligence, wealth concentration and environment are the three biggest difficult challenges for human beings and the world, said Nobel laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.
‘If these three challenges are not taken care of, they may expedite the extermination of human beings in the future,’ said Yunus in an interview with a group of journalists in Bengaluru on Thursday.
‘Intelligence of technologies will outrun human intelligence in the future,’ he said expressing his concern that artificial intelligence might dominate human beings then.
The Nobel laureate suggested guidelines such as forming a regulatory body to control the unplanned use of technologies and their use against humans or the planet.
While talking about wealth concentration, Yunus called it dangerous saying that this would result in frustration and conflicts among people.
‘We become excited over the fast-growing economy but the faster the economy grows the faster is the rate of wealth concentration,’ he said suggesting that increasing social business and entrepreneurship are the way to prevent wealth concentration.
The economic growth will not do any good if equity and decentralisation of wealth are not ensured, the Nobel laureate added.
Mentioning that one percent of the global population controls 73 per cent of wealth, he said greed will start swallowing up everything creating conflicts everywhere.
Stressing the need for zero net carbon emission to protect the environment, Yunus said, it is not something impossible.
Along with controlling the carbon emission, more and more trees need to be planted so that it can cover up the damage of carbon emission, he said stressing the need for inventing technology to control carbon emission and find alternatives to carbon.
With this view in mind, Yunus Center organised the Eighth Social Business Day at Infosys Electronic City Campus in Bengaluru, India.
The theme of Social Business Day 2018 is 'A World of Three Zeros: Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, Zero Net Carbon Emissions'.
The theme underscores Professor Yunus' vision of creating a world where there will be no poverty, no unemployment and no environmental threats, said the organisers.
‘In this two-day event, we want to see how we can achieve the goals in the near future,’ said Yunus.
Over 1,200 delegates from 42 countries have registered to participate in the event on Social Business Day. Dignitaries, prominent academics, and leading practitioners are speaking and sharing their experiences at the event.