Prices of onions, green chilli, eggs go up

Staff Correspondent | Published at 12:05am on June 30, 2018


A trader sells eggs at a shop at Polashi kitchen market in Dhaka on Friday. The prices of onions, green chilli and eggs went up at the kitchen markets in capital Dhaka over the week ending Friday. — Focusbangla photo

The prices of onions, green chilli and eggs went up at the kitchen markets in capital Dhaka over the week ending Friday.
Traders said that the prices of onions and eggs soared as the demand for the items increased after holidaymakers returned to Dhaka after celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the biggest religious festivals of the Muslims.
The price of green chilli rose due to supply shortage as heavy monsoon rain damaged farmland in several districts across the country, they said.
The prices of onions rose by Tk 5 a kilogram and the local variety of onions was selling at Tk 50 a kg, while the imported variety at Tk 35 a kg.
The price of green chilli increased by Tk 30 a kg and the item was retailing at Tk 120-130 a kg on Friday.
The price of eggs rose by Tk 4-6 a hali (four pieces) and the item was selling at Tk 30-34 a hali in the city markets on the day.
The prices of vegetables remained unchanged in the city markets.
Aubergine was selling at Tk 40-60 a kg, papaya at Tk 30 a kg, bitter gourds at Tk 50-60 a kg, okra at Tk 50-60 a kg, palwal at Tk 40-50 a kg, cucumber at Tk 40-60 a kg, tomato at Tk 80-100 a kg and each piece of bottle gourd at Tk 50 on Friday.
Rice prices remained high over the week and a kilogram of coarse variety of rice was selling at Tk 44-46 a kg in the city markets.
The fine variety of Najirshail rice was retailing at Tk 65-70 a kg and its standard variety at Tk 60-65 a kg.
BR-28 rice was retailing at Tk 50-54 a kg, while Miniket was selling at Tk 62-68 a kg.
The prices of fish also remained high over the week.
Rohita was selling at Tk 250-350 a kg, Katla at Tk 200-300 a kg, Pangas at Tk 120-170 a kg and Tilapia at Tk 120-180 a kg, depending on their size and quality.
The prices of garlic remained unchanged over the week and garlic imported from China was retailing at Tk 90-100 a kg, while its local variety was selling at Tk 60-70 a kg.
Garlic imported from India was selling at Tk 70-80 a kg on Friday.
The local variety of red lentil was selling at Tk 120 a kg, while the coarse variety of imported red lentil was retailing at Tk 70-80 a kg over the week.
A one-litre container of soya bean oil was selling at Tk 105-107, while a five-litre container at Tk 515-540.
Unpacked soya bean oil was selling at Tk 98 a kg, while palm oil was retailing at Tk 85 a kg.
The prices of ginger remained unchanged with its local variety selling at Tk 80-90 a kg and the imported variety at Tk 100-120 a kg.
The prices of sugar remained unchanged and the refined and imported sugar was selling at Tk 60-65 a kg, while the locally produced sugar was selling at Tk 70-75 a kg in most of the Dhaka markets on the day.
Fine-quality packaged salt was selling at Tk 38 a kg, while the refined variety of salt was retailing at Tk 25 a kg.