‘Debi’ will present Humayun’s novel authentically

Cultural Correspondent | Published at 06:27pm on June 26, 2018


Anam Biswas

Anam Biswas, who won National Film Award in screenplay category for his debut work in Anyabaji, will emerge as a film director through ‘Debi’ scheduled to be released in September.

Anam, who is very excited for winning the national film award as a screenplay writer, hopes that the viewers will not be disappointed watching his cinematic presentation of Humayun Ahmed’s popular novel Debi.

‘The film will be released on September 7 in limited cinemas located in the divisional cities,’ said Anam adding that gradually it would be released in other cinemas.

The filmmaker, who basically writes scripts for TV commercials, said he tried his level best to present Humany’s popular novel for the contemporary audience.

‘It’s a famous novel of 1980s and the protagonist character Misir Ali is also very popular among the Humayun lovers. So, my challenge was to present such a popular novel and its characters in interesting way to the contemporary viewers,’ Anam told New Age.

‘I’m partially happy with my job and really thankful to the producer for giving me such an opportunity and to the actors and crews who had always been helpful to me,’ Anam said.  

Jaya Ahsan’s production house 'C for Cinema' got the government grant for making Debi. Chanchal Chowdhury, Jaya Ahsan,  Iresh Zaker, Sabnam Faria and Animesh Aich will respectively perform as Misir Ali, Ranu, Ahmed Saber, Nilu and Ranu's Husband Anis, Anam told New Age.

 ‘I had to work a lot to write the screenplay and dialogues of Debi’, said Anam adding that his challenge was to present the novel authentically as a film for the contemporary viewers.

Anam said he tried to remain authentic to the novel, its settings, period of its publication and the message.

‘I just changed a little to present the story more relevant to the contemporary viewers. In the original novel there are many references of letters but in the film I used references of mobile text messages, emails and others,’ Anam said.

But, the director said he did not use much latest devices and gadgets to represent the setting of 1980s in Dhaka in authentic way.

‘More challenging was to deal with the storyline of the novel as it’s quite difficult to present a psycho drama in interesting way,’ he added.  

Anam said he is ready to receive both praise and criticism from the viewers. ‘It’s my first film and I’ll try to develop myself in future as a filmmaker after getting the experiences from my debut venture,’ Anam said.

He hopes to direct films in future based on his original stories.