Shamsuzzaman disturbed over death rumor

Cultural Correspondent | Updated at 02:00am on June 13, 2018


ATM Shamsuzzaman

Actor ATM Shamsuzzaman said he was shocked and frustrated after a rumor spread following his death news broadcasted on a TV channel.
On Monday night a private television channel in the news ticker announced that Shamsuzzaman passed away, which left his family members devastated and panic-stricken. Following the report many actors and his fans posted reactions on their facebook pages.
However, this was not the first time that fake news about the death of a celebrity was reported by the electronic media. Earlier, false news about death of late legendary Dhallywood actor Razzak was reported by the electronic media.
It is perhaps the eighth or ninth time that false news of ATM Shamsuzzaman’s death has been reported. The media should properly evaluate news sources before broadcasting such news, said Shamsuzzaman’s wife Runi Zaman.
ATM Shamsuzzaman was born on 10 September, 1941 in Dowlatpur, Noakhali. He began his career as an assistant filmmaker in 1961 and worked in Udayan Chowdhury’s films Manusher Bhagban and Bishwokanya.
In the mid 1960s, Shamsuzzaman played minor roles in films. He got his breakthrough in 1976 through Amjad Hossain’s Nayanmoni.
The Ekushey Padak winning actor has acted in over 300 films and won national film award twice for the films Dayi Ke (1987) and Chorabalim (2012). Besides acting, Shamsuzzaman has also directed films, written screenplays and dialogues for films.