New outlet of Deshi Dosh at Narayanganj

Published at 12:02am on June 08, 2018

Deshi Dosh is the collaborative effort of ten of the top fashion houses in the country, whose aim is to enrich the country’s traditions and creations such as weaving, crafts and knitting. The ten fashion houses are - Nipun, Banglar Mela, Kay Kraft, Sada Kalo, Rang Bangladesh, Anjan’s, Bibiana, Deshal, Nogordola and Shristi. Currently there are 6 outlets of Deshi Dosh and in an effort to widen their reach, another two storey outlet has been opened at Narayanganj on May 31. To celebrate this occasion there will be a special 10% discount till the night before Eid.
Address: Deshi Dosh, Paradise Palace (2nd and 3rd floor), Balurmath, Chashara, Narayanganj.
Contact: 01730578075