by Rummana Ferdous Fagun

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    by Rummana Ferdous Fagun | Updated at 08:27pm on July 25, 2018

    DESPITE having a steady supply of raw leather the Bangladeshi leather industry is not flourishing amply and Taslima Miji took the initiative to do just...

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    The Bhoj Company- Bengali grandeur

    by Rummana Ferdous Fagun | Updated at 07:45pm on July 19, 2018

    ALL the way from Kolkata to the capital’s Banani, The Bhoj Company has brought a unique assortment of Bengali cuisine that might otherwise be difficult...

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    Bookcentric: Reinventing Libraries

    by Rummana Ferdous Fagun | Updated at 10:06pm on July 12, 2018

    BOOKS are the treasure chest of the imaginary world that provides a sweet escape from the mundane everyday life. However, not everyone feels the need...

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    Go organic with Mehar’s

    by Rummana Ferdous Fagun | Updated at 10:39pm on July 05, 2018

    Every small step toward living a greener life makes a difference in the world and opting for organic instead of chemical is a small step...

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    by Rummana Ferdous Fagun | Updated at 09:46pm on June 21, 2018

    WHAT can be better than some miniature glittery lamps to give your home a warm, soothing touch? The charming little lamps from Florus Aurum can...