by Colin Todhunter

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    A case of Hobson’s choice

    by Colin Todhunter | Updated at 12:05am on January 13, 2018

    ABAYER marketing professional recently stated on Twitter that critics of GMOs deny choice to farmers. It’s a common accusation by the pro-GMO lobby...

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    What has neoliberal capitalism ever done for India?

    by Colin Todhunter | Updated at 09:25pm on November 30, 2016

    WHEN India ushered in neoliberal economic reforms during the early 1990s, the promise was job creation, inclusive growth and prosperity for all...

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    Start holding corporations to account

    by Colin Todhunter | Updated at 10:03pm on October 20, 2016

    IN THE 1970s, the agrochemicals industry was able to evade effective regulation in the UK. Robert van den Bosch, wrote in 1978 in The Pesticide...