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    Govt embarks on tuna mission in Bay of Bengal    

    Shakhawat Hossain | Updated at 10:50pm on September 18, 2020

    Failing to woo the private sector, the government has taken a project to catch costly and migratory tuna fish as the country eyes to make...

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    Employment situation in dire straits

    Shakhawat Hossain and Mustafizur Rahman    | Updated at 12:11am on September 15, 2020

    The unemployment problem in the country has become dire following the COVID-19 outbreak as the two-month-long total shutdown and its lingering effects have caused countless...

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    Govt backtracks on austerity move

    Shakhawat Hossain    | Updated at 12:34am on September 06, 2020

    The government has allowed the science and technology ministry to spend Tk 1,085.59 crore on its 24 ‘low priority projects’, backtracking from its earlier decision...

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    Govt to halve MFS’ fees for distribution of allowances

    Shakhawat Hossain   | Updated at 02:19am on August 21, 2020

    The government will cut the fees it pays to mobile financial service providers for distributing allowances under the social safety net programme as part of...

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    Dhaka div tops list of fake aid seekers

    Shakhawat Hossain  | Updated at 11:56pm on August 08, 2020

    The presence of fake aid seekers is highest in Dhaka division, at 40 per cent, and the lowest in Mymensingh division, at 5 per cent,...

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    Govt struggles with airport renovation projects

    Shakhawat Hossain | Updated at 11:53pm on August 08, 2020

    The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism was struggling to speed up implementation of projects aimed at upgrading major airports including extension of the runway...

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    Graft, bad governance mar FDI prospect

    Shakhawat Hossain  | Updated at 12:48am on July 30, 2020

    Bangladesh has been touted as a good destination for foreign direct investment, but the potentiality has remained unexplored allowing its peer countries to seize the...

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    BEZA for officials’ training in Australia, Japan, Korea, S’pore

    Shakhawat Hossain    | Updated at 12:39am on July 28, 2020

    Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority has proposed at least three overseas training programmes in four developed countries under the project of constructing two fire stations at...

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    Anomalies slow down cash distribution programme of govt

    Shakhawat Hossain | Updated at 12:35am on July 25, 2020

    The distribution of one-time cash support of Tk 2,500 among 50 lakh jobless workers during COVID-19 outbreak has slowed down after detection of nearly 5...

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    Public deals on political consideration backfires

    Shakhawat Hossain  | Updated at 12:24am on July 21, 2020

    Many public deals awarded on political consideration without verifying past records of companies and their owners backfired as most of those deals were marred by...