Shahidul Islam Chowdhury

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    Myanmar makes genocide look weak: experts

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 01:27am on December 12, 2019

    Experts from home and abroad on Wednesday censured the intent of Myanmar, as a country, to deny at the International Court of Justice the allegations...

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    Myanmar faces ICJ hearing today

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:31am on December 10, 2019

    Myanmar state counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi will appear at the International Court of Justice in The Hague today to defend her country in a...

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    ICJ hearing begins tomorrow

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:36am on December 09, 2019

    The International Court of Justice is scheduled to hold public hearings from Tuesday to Thursday on charges against the Myanmar military of carrying out systematic...

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    Full implementation of CHT accord remains elusive

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on December 01, 2019

    The Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord, signed 22 years ago, is yet to be fully implemented due lack of political commitment by successive governments, ethnic...

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    China, Russia for deeper engagement

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 01:10am on November 21, 2019

    China and Russia on Wednesday separately expressed intent to make deeper engagement in implementing the bilateral agreements between Bangladesh and Myanmar for peaceful solution to...

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    ICC approves investigation into crimes against Rohingyas

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:15am on November 15, 2019

    A pre-trial chamber of the International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands on Thursday authorised its prosecutor to proceed with an investigation into the alleged crimes...

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    Myanmar SIMs in Rohingya camps pose security threats

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:23am on November 10, 2019

    The government is likely to take measures for stopping use of mobile SIMs (subscriber identification modules) smuggled into the country from Myanmar for using in...

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    UN, Rohingya teams to visit Bhasan Char in Bangladesh

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:21am on November 07, 2019

    National taskforce on Rohingya repatriation on Wednesday decided that technical teams of the UN agencies would visit Bhasan Char for seeing facilities developed to relocate...

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    US iterates concerns over extrajudicial killings

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury and Muktadir Rashid  | Updated at 12:00am on November 06, 2019

    Visiting United States state department delegation led by acting assistant secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice G Wells at a meeting with Bangladesh...

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    Major reshuffle of ambassadors likely

    Shahidul Islam Chowdhury | Updated at 12:00am on October 29, 2019

    The government is set to bring about major changes at the level of ambassadors and high commissioners in Bangladesh embassies abroad along with some reshuffle...