Rashad Ahamad

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    Promises made mostly not implemented

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 01:50am on April 24, 2018

    The expectations for positive changes in the country’s garment sector created by the Rana Plaza Collapse remain mostly unfulfilled over the last five years...

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    Survivors’ woes continue

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:05am on April 23, 2018

    The woes of crippled survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse are continuing even five years after the deadly factory building disaster that killed 1,138 workers...

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    Severe waterlogging looms over capital

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:05am on April 11, 2018

    The capital would face unprecedented waterlogging in the coming monsoon mainly due to its unplanned and insufficient drainage facilities, their poor maintenance, disappearance of the...

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    Water crisis hits city dwellers

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 11:46pm on April 06, 2018

    A severe crisis of pure and safe drinking water has been prevailing in areas of the capital causing immense sufferings to the local residents amid...

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    People see no let-up in litany of woes

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 11:13pm on April 02, 2018

    Life is gradually getting difficult for the capital’s residents due to deteriorating utility service deliveries. Public sufferings are also being caused by deterioration in commuting,...

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    24 dengue patients take treatment in capital

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:52am on March 21, 2018

    At least 24 dengue patients took treatments in the capital’s hospitals since January and one of them died two months and a half ago, according...

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    DWASA supplies dirty, stinking waters in several areas of capital

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 12:12am on March 12, 2018

    People in several areas of the capital have been receiving dirty and stinking water from the Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority....

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    City corpns continue to transport wastes in daytime

    Rashad Ahamad | Updated at 01:25am on March 11, 2018

    Both Dhaka South and North City Corporations in the capital have continued transporting wastes by open trucks in daytime at utter inconvenience of the city...

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    Dengue, chikunguniya scare grips capital

    Rashad Ahamad and Manzur H Mazwood | Updated at 10:02am on March 03, 2018

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    Dengue, chikungunya scare grips capital

    Rashad Ahamad and Manzur H Maswood | Updated at 12:05am on March 03, 2018

    Early return of aedes mosquitoes has been causing widespread fears that the capital’s residents could again be victims of dengue and chikungunya epidemics just like...