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    Bangladesh mission in Brunei handicapped

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:42am on December 03, 2016

    Bangladesh High commission in Brunei cannot endorse demand letters of employment offered by the Brunei-based employers making the mission unable to recruit workers from Bangladesh,...

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    Economic slowdown forcing B’deshi workers to leave Oman

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:03am on December 02, 2016

    Economic slowdown in oil rich Oman is forcing Bangladeshi workers to return home empyy handed. Suddenly they are becoming illegal after losing jobs, according Bangladesh...

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    B’desh fails to avail skilled manpower market abroad

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:53am on November 28, 2016

    Bangladesh made an unenviable record of failure to avail the huge demand for skilled workers in the Middle East and other destinations for the country’s...

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    Nine Bangladeshis arrested in Egypt

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:13am on November 23, 2016

    At least nine Bangladeshi nationals have been arrested by Egyptian police for illegal staying and carrying fake Egyptian visas, according to Bangladesh Embassy in Cairo...

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    Recruiting agencies get Saudi money to send housemaids free of cost

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:46am on November 13, 2016

    Although Saudi employers were paying local recruiting agencies minimum US$ 1,000 (Tk 80,000) as recruitment cost for one housemaid, the housemaids on an average were...

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    240,000 hectares of croplands affected by rain in 22 dists

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:07am on November 09, 2016

    About 240,000 hectares of cropland mainly with Aman rice were affected in 22 districts due to the heavy rainfall caused by Cyclone ‘Nada’ recently, according...

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    Maids crowd at B’desh missions in KSA

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:18am on November 06, 2016

    The Bangladeshi housemaids who suffered torture, abuses and other problems queue up at Bangladesh missions in Saudi Arabia to take shelter at their safe homes...

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    Tk 18,000 fixed as minimum wage

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:23am on October 25, 2016

    The government has set the minimum wage of Tk 18,000 for recruitment of Bangladeshi housemaids for the Sultanate of Oman, said officials...

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    No fresh demand for Malaysian jobs

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:32am on October 23, 2016

    Fresh recruitment for Malaysian job market is still uncertain as the government has not yet received any manpower demand from Kuala Lumpur, officials said...

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    Govt fails to bring workers going abroad to pre-departure briefing

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:42am on October 21, 2016

    The government has failed to bring the outgoing migrant workers under coverage of mandatory pre-departure briefing, said officials...