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    UAE keen on hiring 3,000 drivers from Bangladesh

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:43am on June 12, 2019

    The United Arab Emirates has conveyed its interest to hire 3,000 drivers from Bangladesh, said officials. UAE Ambassador in Bangladesh Saed Mohammed ALMheiri met expatriates...

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    Dhaka likely to face big challenge

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:01am on June 04, 2019

    Bangladesh is likely to face a major challenge concerning its large number of undocumented workers in Malaysia as the country has iterated its...

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    Farmers’ Eid hopes dashed

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:44am on June 03, 2019

    Farmers across the country feel deep frustrations as they would not be able to celebrate Eid with their family members due to below the...

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    EWOE ministry team leaves for Russia to explore job opportunities

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:22am on May 30, 2019

    An official team led by Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment ministry secretary Rownaq Jahan left for Moscow Tuesday to explore job opportunities for Bangladeshi workers...

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    294 female migrants died abroad in 3 years

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:01am on May 28, 2019

    At least 294 female migrant workers of Bangladesh died abroad for various reasons in last three years, according to the BRAC migration programme.Wage Earners’ Welfare...

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    2,000 Bangladeshi workers in Malaysian detention centres

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:31am on May 27, 2019

    At least 2,000 Bangladeshi undocumented workers are held in Malaysian detention centres.Most of them were arrested by immigrant police since July last year, the Malaysian...

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    Farmers yet to get benefit

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:31am on May 25, 2019

    Farmers are yet to get any benefit from the jute genome sequence even nine years after it was decoded by Bangladeshi scientists, according to Bangladesh...

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    Malaysia’s Sarawak province to take Bangladeshi workers

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:17am on May 20, 2019

    The Bangladesh government has decided to allow workers to the Sarawak province of Malaysia with jobs in the plantation and agricultural sectors there, said officials.Expatriates...

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    Growers count heavy losses

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 01:19am on May 18, 2019

    Growers are incurring heavy losses being compelled to sell un-husked boro rice below the production costs.The government intervention created no impact on the situation as...

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    KL, Dhaka discuss new plan

    Md Owasim Uddin Bhuyan | Updated at 12:33am on May 15, 2019

    Malaysia and Bangladesh discussed the issue of working out a new worker recruitment plan in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday.Officials told New Age that Malaysia proposed...