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    Economic development might be unsustainable: entrepreneurs

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:05am on June 22, 2018

    Dependence on imported liquefied natural gas could make economic development unsustainable, entrepreneurs expressed fears at a public hearing on Thursday....

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    Public hearing on gas price hike a farce: CAB

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:32am on June 12, 2018

    Consumers Association of Bangladesh described Monday’s public hearing on the gas price hike proposal ‘a farce....

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    Fruit ripening agents highly contaminated, toxic: study

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:05am on June 07, 2018

    Chemicals used for artificially ripening fruits in Bangladesh contain high amount of heavy metals and other chemicals which get diffused into fruits, even those having...

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    Belated probe into fake cow milk begins

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:19pm on June 02, 2018

    Bangladesh Food Safety Authority has at long last decided to test at labs to find out whether or not by mixing water with cooking oils...

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    Contamination found in water sold in jars

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:25pm on May 11, 2018

    Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution tests found 21 out of 38 samples of drinking water marketed in the capital in jars unsafe for consumption....

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    Lightning kills 19 in 10 districts

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:30am on April 30, 2018

    Lightning strikes killed at least 19 people in 10 districts as heavy rains with nor’wester lashed the country Sunday. Lightning strikes killed at least six...

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    OMS fails as subsidised rice, flour sold in black market

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 01:05am on April 28, 2018

    Subsidized rice and flour meant for Open Market Sale among poor groups are being sold in the black market due to no or lax monitoring...

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    2 deadlines missed to upgrade weather forecasting system

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:46pm on April 18, 2018

    Bangladesh Meteorological Department is set to miss yet another deadline for automatizing its thunderstorm and lightning forecast systems....

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    Deceptive advertisements cheat consumers

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 12:03am on March 24, 2018

    No monitoring by government made consumers victims of deceptive advertisements by sellers. In deceptive advertisements sellers manipulate product information to increase their sales....

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    Rapid loss of soil fertility worries scientists

    Emran Hossain | Updated at 11:26pm on March 06, 2018

    Rapid loss of soil fertility could pose threat to the nation’s food security ambitions, said scientists. ‘We are worried about the prospects of future generations,...