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    Two activists to carry bullet, pellet lifelong

    Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:00am on April 21, 2018

    Two activists for reform of quota in government jobs are likely to suffer lifelong – one carrying a bullet in the chest and the other...

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    One victim on life support, another paralysed, 3rd in critical condition

    Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:53am on April 17, 2018

    Reckless bus driving in the capital made three victims in the 1st 11 days of this month. Ttumir College student Rajib Hossain has been on...

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    Facebook launches Bangladeshi cartoonists’ sticker

    Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:05am on April 16, 2018

    A digital sticker pack based on a character created by Bangladeshi twin brothers was launched by Facebook on Saturday....

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    Torture, attacks on rise

    Mohiuddin Alamgir and Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 02:05am on March 29, 2018

    Incidents of rights violation like torture, attack and intimidation on ethnic minorities and arson of their houses kept rising in the last five years as...

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    Grants for TB control activities embezzled

    Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:24am on March 24, 2018

    The Global Fund in a report said that a group of Bangladesh health ministry officials embezzled at least Tk 92 lakhs out of $ 31,745,708,...

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    Breast milk substitutes being sold online flouting law

    Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:49am on March 23, 2018

    Breast milk substitutes are being sold online throughout Bangladesh often in gross violation of the domestic laws as well as the international code....

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    Bodies received in tears

    Muktadir Rashid and Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 01:00am on March 20, 2018

    Twenty-three bodies out of the 26 people killed in the crash of a US-Bangla Airlines flight in Nepal on March 12 were handed over to...

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    Families wait for bodies to arrive soon

    Muktadir Rashid and Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:05am on March 15, 2018

    Families now wait for the 26 bodies of Bangladeshis who died in US-Bangla Airlines plane crash in Kathmandu on Monday that left 51 people dead...

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    To deaths, they flew

    Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 12:50am on March 14, 2018

    They all had set out for their destinations of dream but the ill-fated aircraft transported them to the land from where nobody returns as it...

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    49 dead as US-Bangla aircraft crashes in Kathmandu

    Muktadir Rashid and Ahmed Shatil Alam | Updated at 01:50am on March 12, 2018

    At least 49 people were killed as a US-Bangla Airlines aircraft carrying 67 passengers and 4 crewmembers crashed and caught fire after it landed at...