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    Zahid Hussain’s struggle to stop animal abuse

    Nawar Fairooz | Updated at 12:00am on September 08, 2019

    By profession, Zahid Hussain is a marine engineer and a passionate animal rights activist who has made his mark by co-founding Care for Paws, an...

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    Fahad Al Alam: a pioneer of vintage photography in Bangladesh

    Akramul Momen | Updated at 12:00am on September 01, 2019

    Fahad Al Alam is a self-taught photographer, who has been working with vintage photography since 2013. His third solo photography exhibition titled ‘Debris of the...

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    ‘Let us build on a society based on commons and under-commons’

    Akramul Momen | Updated at 12:00am on August 25, 2019

    Ulf Aminde is a European artist based in Germany. He provokes encounters which are the preconditions to and starting points for his works. He uses...

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    PlexusD: bridging patients and doctors

    Farhin Ahmed Twinkle | Updated at 12:00am on August 18, 2019

    A team of three young people, work relentlessly to eliminate the barrier between patients and doctors of Bangladesh to bring better quality and faster healthcare...

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    A warrior against food adulteration

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on August 04, 2019

    Palash Manmud’s father died of cancer caused by adulterated food, when he was a boy of five. This left a mark on Palash who now...

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    Tale of a triathlon athlete

    Nasir Uz Zaman | Updated at 12:00am on July 28, 2019

    Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Arafat is a banker by profession but by passion he is a triathlon athlete. By running, swimming and bicycling for hours, he has...

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    Tale of Memania union

    Shafiqul Islam | Updated at 12:00am on July 21, 2019

    ‘Development’ is the word being used to justify every action of the current government, but this has been the buzz word for decades. How does...

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    Our rural economy: through the eyes of a young researcher

    Nahid Riyasad | Updated at 12:00am on July 14, 2019

    The lack of research infrastructure in public universities has recently been recognised as a problem of tertiary education. In this context, when opportunity for research...

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    Cartoonist Raqib Hasan Apu as political commentator

    Nasir Uz Zaman | Updated at 12:00am on June 09, 2019

    Raqib Hasan Apu is a young cartoonist and animation filmmaker. He founded Apu’s Cartoon to showcase his artwork and provide political commentary on socio-political issues...

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    Morshed Mishu: campaigning against war, for happiness

    Nasir Uz Zaman | Updated at 12:00am on June 02, 2019

    A young cartoonist Morshed Mishu recently secured his place in Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30’ list for 2019. As part of his campaign, The Global Happiness...