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    Trump says torture works as his government readies a review

    Associated Press | Updated at 08:50am on January 26, 2017

    President Donald Trump declared Wednesday he believes torture works as his administration readied a sweeping review of how America conducts the war on terror. It...

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    Trump orders wall to be built on Mexico border

    BBC | Updated at 08:25am on January 26, 2017

    President Donald Trump has issued an executive order for an ‘impassable physical barrier’ to be built along the US border with Mexico...

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    Trump to unveil immigration, visa restrictions

    Agence France-Presse . Washington | Updated at 12:57am on January 26, 2017

    President Donald Trump will sign executive orders starting Wednesday restricting refugees, visas and immigration, making good on his signature campaign pledges, US media reported...

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    We will build Mexico border wall, says Trump

    BBC | Updated at 09:27am on January 25, 2017

    Donald Trump has said a ‘big day’ is planned on national security, including an announcement to build a wall on the border between the...

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    Trump to seek ‘major investigation’ on voter fraud

    Reuters | Updated at 09:20am on January 25, 2017

    President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he would seek a ‘major investigation’ on voter fraud in the November election, despite an overwhelming consensus among state...

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    UK court rules against govt

    Agence France-Presse . London | Updated at 12:40am on January 25, 2017

    The British government must win parliament’s approval before starting talks to leave the EU, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, in a landmark judgement and setback...

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    Trump admin backs off pledge of immigration change

    Associated Press | Updated at 01:19pm on January 24, 2017

    President Donald Trump will focus immigration enforcement efforts first on criminal immigrants in the country illegally, his administration said on...

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    Trump’s top foreign pick narrowly backed

    BBC | Updated at 09:17am on January 24, 2017

    The foreign relations senate committee has narrowly approved Rex Tillerson as US secretary of state, despite concerns about his business ties to Russia...

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    Trump makes early move on restricting abortions

    Reuters . New York | Updated at 01:18am on January 24, 2017

    US president Donald Trump on Monday reinstated a global gag rule that banned US-funded groups around the world from discussing abortion, a move that was...

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    Singer Madonna defends ‘blowing up the White House’ remark

    Reuters | Updated at 11:33am on January 23, 2017

    Pop singer Madonna, who said in a profanity-laced speech at Saturday’s Women’s March in Washington, DC, that she had thought about...