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    A plea for irrelevant education

    by Sam Ben-Meir | Updated at 10:54pm on November 13, 2016

    DUE to the pressures of popular demand for relevance in education, we have lost sight of the purpose for which true education exists. I would...

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    Climate change follows the law of physics

    by AKM Saiful Islam | Updated at 11:24pm on November 12, 2016

    THIS week representatives from 197 parties who signed the Paris Agreement are meeting at Marrakesh for the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP22). As of November...

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    Shrinking democratic spaces in Asia

    by John Samuel | Updated at 11:22pm on November 12, 2016

    THE real sign of development and democracy is how a country respects, protects and promotes freedom and human rights. The biggest challenge of our times...

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    The night watch

    by Mohammad Khabir Uddin | Updated at 11:16pm on November 12, 2016

    LA RONDE de nuit, another novelette with the same epigraphic style as adopted in the novel ‘La place de l’étoile’ by Jean Patrick Modiano born...

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    Myanmar’s fascist tactics are deplorable

    | Updated at 10:50pm on November 11, 2016

    The Myanmar government is trying to stonewall the press as it has also tried to avoid launching an independent probe, hoping that its latest pogrom...

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    The view from a New York loft: the devil’s own choice

    by Saeed Naqvi | Updated at 10:48pm on November 11, 2016

    THE certainty of a Hilary Clinton victory had given way to anxiety as soon as the TV anchors began to concede that Donald Trump had...

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    America’s future after the 2016 election

    by Jon Kofas | Updated at 10:42pm on November 11, 2016

    RIGHTWING political groups throughout the world are celebrating Trump’s victory but rather prematurely. The traditional conservatives and liberals are sufficiently delusional to believe that they...

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    Why Trump won, why Clinton lost

    | Updated at 10:30pm on November 10, 2016

    Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat reflected a gross misjudgement by the Democratic Party about the depth of populist anger against self-serving elites who have treated much...

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    The working class won the election

    by Paul Craig Roberts | Updated at 10:27pm on November 10, 2016

    THE US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs. Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated...

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    Pakistan: change of army guard

    | Updated at 10:25pm on November 10, 2016

    General Raheel Sharif will be leaving behind a powerful legacy of a professional soldier, but there is some criticism of an overly personal projection which...