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    Western intelligence on sixes and sevens

    by Saeed Naqvi | Updated at 09:50pm on January 15, 2017

    PARDON my naiveté, but I cannot for the life of me, comprehend why the entire US establishment, with the Intelligence Community in the vanguard, is...

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    To the benefit of all

    | Updated at 10:20pm on January 14, 2017

    For centuries, women around the world have struggled for even the most basic rights. The fight for equality has been an uphill climb — one...

  • Spinning a yarn unparalleled

    | Updated at 10:10pm on January 14, 2017

    A LEGENDARY fabric, muslin, has legions of tales in its telling. This ultrafine cotton cloth from the phuti karpasand now extinct gosspypium arboreum plant, woven...

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    Dissent and dread

    by Faisal Bari | Updated at 10:00pm on January 14, 2017

    WE ARE not good at facing dissent. And, over time, things have gone from bad to worse...

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    Pakistani general invites India to accede

    by Vladimir Terehov | Updated at 09:55pm on January 14, 2017

    ON DECEMBER 21, Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Amir Riaz invited India to accede to an ambitious project on the establishment of a China Pakistan...

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    International community and disintegration of Yugoslavia: 25 years later

    by Jamie Davidson | Updated at 10:25pm on January 13, 2017

    JANUARY 15 will mark the 25th anniversary of the European Economic Community’s recognition of the independence of the Republic of Croatia...

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    System failure in Kashmir

    | Updated at 10:20pm on January 13, 2017

    KASHMIR has seen many heavy snowfalls in the past. In fact, sometimes even three feet of snow has accumulated in a day or so...

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    Injudicious spending versus external debt

    by Gazi Mizanur Rahman | Updated at 10:15pm on January 13, 2017

    THERE is no denying the fact that foreign aid or loan is a sine qua non for development. But we should remember that development does...

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    When fear comes

    by Chris Hedges | Updated at 10:30pm on January 12, 2017

    ALEXANDER Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago, his profound meditation on the nature of oppression and resistance in the Soviet gulags, tells the story of a...

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    Taking ‘Cold Start’ out of the freezer?

    | Updated at 10:20pm on January 12, 2017

    IN A wide-ranging interview with India Today, the new chief of army staff, General Bipin Rawat, appeared to drop a bombshell by acknowledging the existence...