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    Only people are sovereign, everything else follows

    by Garga Chatterjee | Updated at 01:05am on February 23, 2017

    THE Supreme Court of India has declared that will not be mandatory for people to stand to the Indian Union’s national anthem if the song...

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    Munich Security Conference signals a new arms race

    by Ulrich Rippert | Updated at 01:05am on February 23, 2017

    THE Munich Security Conference, which ended on Sunday, took place in an atmosphere of warmongering and pro-armament propaganda...

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    Where does the Palestinian authority go from here?

    by Charlie Hoyle | Updated at 01:05am on February 23, 2017

    US PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s casual repudiation of the two-state solution last week disoriented a peace process which has for decades been anchored in the creation...

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    Renewed commitment needed to overcome present gloom

    by Jehan Perera | Updated at 01:20am on February 21, 2017

    A YEAR ago a contractor whom I spoke to rejoiced that corruption was much reduced under the new government...

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    Immigrant round-ups stir fears

    | Updated at 01:10am on February 21, 2017

    PRESIDENT Donald Trump is keeping his promise to go after undocumented people in the United States, with recent reports of sweeps by the Immigration and...

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    Ekushey narrative gone missing on Urdu

    by Abu Jar M Akkas | Updated at 01:10am on February 21, 2017

    THIS is how the poem ends. This is how the protest, in Urdu, begins — a protest against the resolve of the rulers from the...

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    The day Britain died

    by Gerry Hassan | Updated at 01:15am on February 20, 2017

    LAST week a Rubicon was crossed as the House of Commons voted 494 to 122 — a government majority of 372 — to give a...

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    Is there a glimmer of hope in a dysfunctional world?

    by Habib Siddiqui | Updated at 12:10am on February 20, 2017

    THE USA is in a disarray or so it seems these days with the POTUS attacking the media. On Thursday Trump said that the media...

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    Pakistan-UAE through lens of Modi’s policy in Mideast

    by Natalya Zamarayeva | Updated at 10:05pm on February 20, 2017

    CROWN Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy commander-in-chief of the UAE armed forces, visited India between January 26–28...

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    The symphony of our times

    | Updated at 10:05pm on February 20, 2017

    THE history of the in-built stress and tension in the relationship between West and East Pakistan is well-documented....