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    Impending death of languages

    | Updated at 09:55pm on December 05, 2016

    THE tale of languages has always been of loss and decline. Bangladesh is no exception...

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    Indian proposals on port transit unacceptable

    | Updated at 09:55pm on December 05, 2016

    NEW Delhi’s proposal for Dhaka to allow India to carry goods from its one part to another through Chittagong and Mongla ports, that too without...

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    Sorry state of traffic police personnel

    | Updated at 09:40pm on December 04, 2016

    ON-DUTY traffic police personnel coming to be killed after being hit or run over by speeding vehicles is sad as any such death is...

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    Time to stop unethical drug promotion practice

    | Updated at 09:20pm on December 04, 2016

    THE long-prevalent practice of bribing physicians and drug retailers by pharmaceutical companies for sales promotion, as revealed in a study report of Bangladesh Health Watch,...

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    Lack of intervention would only hurt onion farming

    | Updated at 10:49pm on December 02, 2016

    ONION farmers having to incur losses for the market being flooded with the produce imported from India is disheartening. Imported onions started pushing prices of...

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    BRTA must proceed with caution

    | Updated at 10:47pm on December 02, 2016

    THE government’s move to bring unauthorised truckers under legal purview by creating a special and temporary provision in the BRTA driving licence issuance mechanism is...

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    Pile of litter that the Buriganga is

    | Updated at 10:25pm on December 02, 2016

    YEARS of neglect and mismanagement of waste disposal — industrial and municipal — have made what the River Buriganga is now, as evident in a...

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    No more delay in CHT accord implementation

    | Updated at 10:20pm on December 02, 2016

    NINETEEN years have passed since the signing of the Chittagong Hill Tracts accord...

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    Dismal state of DoE unacceptable

    | Updated at 09:50pm on December 01, 2016

    THE lack of adequate human resources and logistics in the environment department leaving the authorities responsible for the protection of environment as a toothless tiger...

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    Time for govt to put on a human face

    | Updated at 09:35pm on December 01, 2016

    THE Rohingyas, who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar where they have been attacked by the Myanmar security forces, having to face sufferings in Cox’s Bazar...