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    Early deterrent action against stalking called for

    | Updated at 10:57pm on November 04, 2016

    STALKING continues to claim lives. In the latest such incident, as New Age reported on Friday, a man was found dead in Manikganj on Thursday...

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    Brahmanbaria attack that reeks of the likes of Ramu’s

    | Updated at 10:54pm on November 04, 2016

    PEOPLE of large political parties, and some Islamist groups, local to the places in Brahmanbaria and Habiganj coming to be named in the October 30...

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    War in Syria can’t be won. But it can be ended

    | Updated at 11:03pm on November 03, 2016

    WE NEED a powerful movement demanding an end to the war in Syria. The United States and to some extent the global antiwar...

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    Afghanistan: what has 15 of occupation achieved

    | Updated at 11:00pm on November 03, 2016

    Afghanistan, 15 years of allied occupation have made the world a measurably more dangerous place. By ignoring the geopolitical realities Australia has contributed to that...

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    Myanmar to arm, train non-Muslims in conflict-ridden Rakhine state

    | Updated at 10:53pm on November 03, 2016

    The condition of the Rohingyas is quite grim in Myanmar and no effective solution has been offered by the government because of influence of the...

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    Expectations from Marrakech

    by AKM Saiful Islam | Updated at 10:42pm on November 03, 2016

    THE 22nd Conference of Parties (COP 22) is going to be held in Marrakech from November 7 where representatives from 197 United Nations Framework Convention...

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    Dangerous bends and lack of posted road signs

    | Updated at 10:35pm on November 03, 2016

    AN IMPORTANT factor that can ensure smoothly flowing road traffic in a safe manner is properly posted road signs and their visibility both on national...

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    Costly RPP contracts renewal

    | Updated at 10:27pm on November 03, 2016

    THE controversial contracts between the government and 10 private companies over the purchase of electricity from 15 rental power plants, which were renewed between 2013...

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    When Russia threatens by sea, may be intelligence can prevail?

    by Phil Butler | Updated at 11:31pm on November 02, 2016

    HYSTERICS are the western leadership’s most effective weapons against imaginary Russian foes. Or are imaginary Russian foes the cause of idiotic hysterics...

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    Habitat III: leaving no one behind

    | Updated at 11:20pm on November 02, 2016

    IN CITIES across the world, the dramatic increase in forced and market-driven evictions disproportionately affects the urban poor...